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5 Year Old Child Development: The Stages Of Development Of Your 5 Year Old Child

5 year old child development stages...

5 Year Old Child Development

...A 5 year old child is full of excitement and of fresh discovery. He starts to depend less and less on adult support. He is sturdy, energetic and an agile child. His bodily shape changes rapidly but does not grow as fast as he did in his first four years.

He is confident and friendly and expects to be liked and valued by friends and family and he's ready for new experiences. He is eager to learn new set of skills, ask many questions and very persistence when he wants to learn a new skill.

He works and plays in small groups... concentrates on skills he wants to master very hard... like riding a bicycle.

Year Old Child Development
Year Old Child Development
5 Year Old Child Development
5 Year Old Child Development

His Physical Development

Fine Manipulative Skills

At age 5 he's able to...

  • Form letters and write own name
  • Neatly colour pictures
  • Draw recognisable pictures such as cars and houses
  • Dress and undress easily
  • Cut out shapes using scissors.

Gross Manipulative Skills

He's able to...

  • Hit a ball with stick or bat
  • Use a variety of large equipment
  • Avoid obstacles and can run fast
  • Skip with a rope
  • Throw and catch large balls.

How To Promote His Physical Development

At 5 years old, he's starting to enjoy playing games. Help him by introducing new games into his play and encourage him to make up his own game as well.

Toys To Improve His Physical Development

  • Board games
  • Balls
  • Construction toys
  • Bicycles with stabilisers.

His Cognitive Development

He's able to...

  • Count accurately up to 20 items
  • Name eight colours
  • Match symbols
  • Place objects beside one another
  • Tell date of birth.

Activities And Equipment To Promote His Cognitive Development

Some activities and equipment can help a 5 year old’s cognitive development. Activities that encourage his thinking are also valuable to his cognitive development.

Feely Bags

Encourages him to use his senses and tell what’s in a bag. This helps him to classify objects, memorise and improves his attention and concentration span.

Sorting Objects

He is able to sort, order and classify objects according to colour, shape and size. Helps with his concentration and classifying skills.

His Language Development

At the age of 5, he develops and refines his language...

  • He makes fewer mistakes and starts using language as means of getting along with others
  • He expresses his needs and recounts what he has done
  • His vocabulary is about 5000 words and uses complex sentences correctly
  • He enjoys telling jokes and stories.

His Emotional And Social Development

Learning to build relationships with others is an important skill that a 5 year old child develops over time.

  • He starts using words and actions imitating you
  • Starts to make close friendships with other children
  • Plays with children of his own gender and begins to understand gender roles
  • Expresses himself in terms of his achievements e.g. ‘Look at me, I can ride a tricycle now’.

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