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6 Tips to Get Your Child Active For Life --> Your Child & You #019
June 01, 2010

6 Tips to Get Your Child Active For Life

With childhood obesity spiraling in the Western world it is important that you encourage your child to start exercising and looking after themselves at an early age.

Here are my 6 tips to keep your children active.

1) Limit television, computer and video game times. Make the television, computer and video games less of a focal point. For example you can remove them from bedrooms or limit your household to one television. If you don't trust yourself to enforce the rules you may eliminate the problem. Video and computer games are not necessities in a child's life.

2) Make activities safe. For organised sports ensure your child warm up, stretch and cool down and wear the appropriate safety equipment. Make sure they drink water regularly and wear the correct footwear. By being prepared will reduce the risk of injury.

3) Establish a routine. Set aside a time each day for regular physical activity. This can be waking up early or after school to walk the dog or go to the park.

4) Play with your chil. Kick the soccer ball, take a walk around the neighbourhood. Planning some time during the week encourages the opportunity to be active.

5) Take advantage of small exercise. You can do this by simply parking further away from the entrance to the shopping centre, or taking the stairs instead of the escalator.

6) Buying gifts that encourage your child to be active. Buy gifts that encourage your child to be active, such as the ball, bat or bike. Remember to buy the appropriate safety equipment to reduce the risk of injury.

In summary these are my six tips to get your children active. Overall make it fun for your child and make it safe. If your child learns at an early age that being active is fun they are more likely to keep these good habits when they become an adult.

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