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Dealing With Your Childs Behaviour Positively-> Your Child & You #044
January 10, 2012


Child Development Guide Newsletter --> Your Child & You #044

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In this issue we'll discuss...

1) Dealing With Your Child's Behaviour Positively

2) Special Announcement Just For You

3) Quote Of The Day


Bad behaviour is often an effective way to attract attention of parents.

The conflicting time will probably start at the stage during your child's third year: tears and tantrums often go hand in hand with being two years old.

Phrasing limits in a positive way focuses on what to do, rather than what not to do.

When you offer positive statements, they reinforce for your child what is appropriate, serve as desirable models of communication to imitate, and decrease the likelihood for your child to respond with defensiveness or resistance.

When your child understand the reasons or rationale for limits, she is more likely to comply and abide by them.

Furthermore, teaching your child the "why" of a limit helps her internalize and learn the rules of social living.

For example: "When you put the toys back on the shelf, people can find them easily when they want them."

The golden rule to dealing with bad behaviour is act quickly. You should step in right way and remove the source of trouble - take away the toy that's being fought over, or pick up your child and remove her with a firm NO.

At the same time distract your child's attention with some other activity or toy.

You just have to be consistent and not angry, so that your child gets a clear message that she is never allowed to behave in that way.

Bad behviours are punished but you should also reward your child for good behaviour.

The best reward is your time, attention and love. Praise, a cuddle, a story on your lap, admiring words all these make your child feel good and special.

It is very likely, that your child gets most attention when she behaves badly and least when she behaves nicely.

You should appreciate your child for the behaviour your want, this will encourage her to behave properly.

By appreciating her nice behaviour you will be giving your child a good and useful lesson.

That's it for today.

Helping You Raise A Happy Child,

Daniel Dwase


2) Special Announcement


I'm at the moment finishing off my new ebook "The Smart Parenting Guide" to be published soon.


* How To Empower Your Child To Succeed

* How To Reduce Tantrums, Freak-outs And Outbursts

* How To Stimulate Your Child's Imagination, Creativity And Intellect

* How To Boost Your Child's Confidence With Positive Reinforcements

* How To Handle Your Own Angry Outbursts And Enjoy Being A Parent Again.

Watch this space for the launch date!


3) Quote Of The Day


"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children".

~ Charles R. Swindoll


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