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Help Your Child Eat Right --> Your Child & You #009
March 03, 2009

Help Your Child Eat Right

By the time your child is a year old, his or her digestive processes are nearly the same as an adult's so it's time to introduce new foods.

While your preschooler may adapt the three-meals-a-day schedule of other family members, his or her appetite may vary from day to day.

At times, you can't keep your child away from the refrigerator while on certain occasions, it may seem that he or she doesn't eat enough to keep an ant alive.

Don't be dismayed by this kind of behaviour. Allow your child to design his or her own eating style. Don't judge for yourself how much food is necessary for him or her. Rather, encourage your child to determine how much he or she needs to eat.

Your job is to offer your child a variety of nutritious foods so he or she won't miss out on the important nutrients necessary for "holistic" growth. By "holistic", we mean the complete physical, emotional and psychological growth of your child.

Inappropriate foods, however, can cause problems later. The wrong choice of foods - such as those that contain too much salt, sugar or starches - can lead to poor eating habits.

If your child has a finicky appetite, he or she may not be getting the essential nutrients required for optimum physical, mental and psychological development.

To avoid these problems and ensure your child's holistic growth, give a variety of foods and a good growing-up milk formula to meet the specific requirements of this particular age group.

That way, you'll provide your child with the right amount of important nutrients to strengthen resistance against disease, support brain development and mental health, and contribute to your child's fast growth and physical development.

Support your child's "holistic" growth and make your kid the best that he or she can be with the right diet and lots of love.

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