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A Teachers Point of View

Hi i am a student studying intelluctual and cognitive development. From what i already know about children from my past experinces as both a teacher, family and what i am learning, parts of this chart seem to be slightly advanced.

For example it says that children can count to 20 when they are 4, however i know many children who dont learn this until they are a little bit older.

Children develop at their own pace and as an early childhood teacher i would not recommend using this guide to judge where your child is up to in terms of development because it is only a guide and may not apply to your child.

Also realise that if you had a premature baby, the development of your child sometimes does not start from the day it is born, it instead starts developing from its due date.

If you have any questions about your childs development you should speak to a doctor of your child's midwife.

Whilst speaking to other parents and sites like these may give you an idea of what children your child's age should be doing/able to do, remember each child is different and develops at their own pace.


Rightly said. This child development chart only serves as a guide. You should consult your doctor if your child is not developing as normal as you would like.


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