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Accu Clear Pregnancy Test

An Accu Clear Pregnancy test is 99 percent accurate when you use it to test on the day of your missed period.

By reading the instructions and following them exactly, you can increase your chances of an accurate result to 99 percent the morning of your missed period.
Accu Clear Pregnancy Test

If you'd like to find out sooner, you can. The Accu-Clear Pregnancy test is more sensitive than other tests, which means it can detect your pregnancy sooner.

You can take it up to five days before your missed period.

It is important to remember when taking this test early that your ovulation date, implantation date, and level of the pregnancy hormone hCG are what will cause the results that appear to appear.

Even if you receive a negative result this early, you might actually be pregnant.

Every woman is different and only about 50 percent of pregnant women receive a positive result this early.

If your test is negative, wait two to three days before trying again. It takes approximately this long for your pregnancy hormone level to double, making it detectable by this test.

The Accu Clear Pregnancy Test works by detecting the pregnancy hormone in your urine; the hormone, which is called human chorionic gonadotrophin, is secreted in order to prepare your body for pregnancy and can usually be identified around the time of a missed period.

Most women use a missed period as a prompt to do a pregnancy test, as this is the most common symptom of pregnancy. The Accu-Clear pregnancy test has been clinically proven to produce reliable results and is one of the cheapest tests on the market.

The test can be used at any time of the day but it is advisable to do the test in the morning, as the concentration of your urine is higher at this time of the day.

The test is simple to use; the stick should be placed under your urine flow for around five seconds.

The results should appear in a matter of minutes. The test is most effective a few days after your period is due; this is because HCG levels may be too low to detect before this time and the result may come up as negative, even if you are pregnant.

The Accu-Clear Pregnancy Test has been clinically proven to produce accurate results earlier than regular tests.

The early pregnancy test is more sensitive than normal tests and can therefore detect lower levels of the HCG hormone, which indicates you are pregnant.

Results are usually clearly visible in just three minutes.

Accu Clear Pregnancy tests come in packs of two as well as single units; this saves you money and allows you to repeat the test a few days later when the levels of HCG may be higher and the results may be more accurate.

Negative results should be repeated a few days later, while positive results are almost certainly reliable.

How to Use Accu Clear Pregnancy Test

Using this test is quite easy. All that is required of you is to carefully read through the instructions before using it in order to make yourself aware about everything regarding this test.

After reading the instructions and being fully aware of how it works, you can then begin using it.

A good number of women often opt to urinate straight on to the permeable tip. Other ladies make use of a cup where they urinate then dip and hold the tip of the test into the urine for the stipulated amount of time.

The strip should never be turned upside down after use. Doing this would affect the end results without you even realizing it.

After removing the strip from the urine, you can allow it rest for some time by simply covering the tip with the cap and placing it in a flat position on top of the counter.

You are required to wait according to the duration specified on the instructions before you can read the results.

What Does Accu Clear Pregnancy Test Result Look Like?

When testing for pregnancy using accu clear test, you will either get a positive or negative results.

In either of the outcomes there are a number of things you need to look out for in order to get the right interpretation.

When using accu-clear test, it is important to first understand its different representation. This kit has two screens with one of the screens consisting of a permanent blue line while the other screen displays a plus sign only if you are pregnant.

If you are not pregnant it will only display a single line on the first screen.

Women who use an Accu Clear test are pleased with the results. Those who wait until the day of their missed period receive an accurate result, and many receive a positive result a few days in advance.

This particular test is affordable. The test is easy to use, the instructions are clear, and the results are quick and accurate.

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