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Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

Acne Treatment During Pregnancy...

As though the constant backaches, migraines, nausea and the actual delivery weren't enough for you when pregnant, acne has joined the ride to even further the stress of giving birth.

Caring for your skin during pregnancy is more difficult, whether you normally have naturally a clear, youthful complexion or a complexion riddled with pimples and lesions.
Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

The extreme fluctuations in the earlier months of a pregnancy often lead to worsening problems with acne, yet your treatment options are more limited since you have to consider the safety of your unborn baby.

Acne occurs in the first two or three months of pregnancy. This is the time when hormonal changes are profound (progesterone).

Progesterone boosts the secretion of the skin, which creates the glands that produces the oil to activate.

This activation then triggers an easy spot for bacteria to breed and show up on the skin through acne.

For starters, it is even more important than ever to stick to your routine skin care regime while pregnant.

If you are not already washing your face at least 2-3 times a day and adding a light oil-free moisturiser as needed, start right now!

Most over-the-counter acne treatment and prevention products are completely safe during pregnancy and will help keep the pores of your skin clear so there is less chance of clogging with the excess oil being hormonally produced.

For many, acne treatment during pregnancy can stop right there.

You may experience more outbreaks than usual or may have more individual pimples popping up at irregular times, but it should be manageable and bearable with just consistent washing and routine basic skin care.

Yet, there are some other options for acne treatment during pregnancy if you find that your case is more severe or you are not satisfied to just suffer through the initial phases of pregnancy with oily skin or continuous blemishes.

Going Natural

If you are experiencing more serious acne as a result of your pregnancy or if an already mild to moderate acne case has worsened during your pregnancy, consider stripping away the makeup and going natural or "bare faced" until it starts to clear up.

This can be an easy thing to do for some women and pure torture for others.

If it is more difficult for you, then consider taking off the makeup as soon as you come home for the day and not putting it on until you are just about ready to walk out the door.

This will at least reduce the number of hours you have it on your skin.

The problem with most makeup is that it blocks off the pores so clogging is more likely to occur and it is high in oil.

Look for labels that read "non-comedogenic" which simply means the product uses water as a base, rather than oil.

When looking for effective ingredients for acne treatment during pregnancy, find that the natural ways always deliver the goods with efficacy and best results.

Lavender oil, for instance, can be safely used and applied on the acne-infested skin area.

It is a powerful anti-oxidant and can cure all types of skin ailments. In addition, it is also mild on the skin and don't cause any side effects.

Do not pinch your acne if you want to avoid the even uglier scars. Rose oil is another essential oil that can be used for acne treatment during pregnancy.

Rose oil can be used on mild acne cases and infections.

Witch hazel is used as an astringent and available in stores.

Herbal And Home Treatments

There are a wide variety of herbs and household products which can be highly effective at treating acne, especially the kind of outbreaks that typically occur as a result of fluctuating hormones during pregnancy.

Yet, don't jump right into using any of these herbal or home products without making complete sure they are safe for your growing baby.

There are some completely natural herbs which can induce contractions, so you can't assume "all natural" means it is a safe acne treatment during pregnancy.

Yet, you can make up your own daily acne wash by combining distilled water with apple cider vinegar and rubbing it on.

There are also ways to create your own facial wash or scrub using completely natural ingredients.

There are a wide selection of herbs and household products which can be great aid at treating acne, especially the kind of acne outbreaks that occur as a result of hormones during pregnancy.

But don't jump right into using any herbal or home products without consulting your doctor whether they are safe or not.

Extra Tips

Clean your face using a gentle cleanser. Using toning and exfoliating to your skin means you have to always ensure that you use the gentlest of formulas to your skin as an acne treatment during pregnancy.

Finding acne treatment during pregnancy is more challenging since the health of a growing foetus is involved, especially if you have to stop taking oral prescription medications that normally keep your acne condition under control.

Finding all natural remedies may take some trial and error, but they can bring relief until your hormones calm down again.

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