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Finding An Appropriate
Activity For ADHD Child

Finding an appropriate activity for ADHD Child...

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A child with ADHD is in a constant battle with hyperactive behaviour and is constantly challenged to pay attention and control her impulses.

activity for adhd child
It is very important for parents to offer the right type of activity for a child with ADHD, so that the child has an opportunity to burn off energy and feel successful throughout the day.

Keep it Active

The best type of activity incorporates your child's 'big muscles'. An activity which gives your child the freedom to chase after something, run for distances or jump, all work well for a child with ADHD, and are best scheduled after a child is asked to sit for any length of time, such as after a long day at school.

Avoid activities that involve a lot of standing around waiting for turns, such as baseball or volleyball. The best activity involves continuous movement like a game of football.

It's also best to plan an activity for your ADHD child that steers clear of a lot of structure and rules. Open ended activities that allow your child freedom of expression will work best.

Providing Snacks Along With an Activity for ADHD Child

It's great to provide a healthy snack for your child, to go along with their energetic activity. Keep the snack healthy though! Provide your child with protein, like cheese or meat and stay away from sugary items such as cookies, cakes or sugary drinks. Also avoid empty carbohydrates like French fries or potato chips.

The Best Activity for ADHD Child Does Not Involve Screen Time!

Avoid activities that involve screen time. Limit your child to ½ hour for video games, computer time or TV.

Limit the Number of Children involved in an Activity for Your ADHD Child

A child with ADHD can become over-stimulated if they are surrounded by too many children. Often if an activity is limited to include only one or more other children a child with ADHD is more likely to have an easier time participating in the activity.

The Best Activity for Child With ADHD Is Outside!

The best spot for your child to play is outside in a natural environment. Try to provide your child with as many opportunities as possible to run and play on a natural grassy surface, as opposed to playing inside or on man-made Astroturf.

Researchers at the Human Environment Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois found that a child who spends time in ordinary 'green settings' like parks or grassy backyards have reduced ADHD symptoms compared to time spent playing indoors on play equipment or man-made, concrete or asphalt recreation areas.

Bike riding, swimming, tennis, jogging and hiking are great outdoor activities for children with ADHD. Make a conscious effort to plan an activity for ADHD child that is outside, in a natural environment, and one that involves large muscles and you are more likely to set your child up for success!

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