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Considering An ADD ADHD
Alternative Treatment

Considering an ADD ADHD alternative treatment...

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If your child battles with ADD or ADHD you may be interested in exploring the various treatment options that are out there.

add adhd alternative treatment

Many parents eager to alleviate the symptoms of ADD and ADHD may also feel uncomfortable giving their young children prescribed drugs.

Parents interested in finding alternative treatment for ADD ADHD should always check with their doctor before beginning a treatment.

But many parents have been pleased with the results when they have found an ADD ADHD alternative treatment that has had a positive effect on their child's behaviour, while avoiding prescribed medication.

Chiropractic Care as an ADD and ADHD Alternative Treatment

Many ADD ADHD alternative treatments focus on improving either your child's digestive system or their nervous system. Some parents have found that an effective ADD and ADHD alternative treatment for their child has been regular chiropractic care.

Regular adjustments by a chiropractor have alleviated the severity and the frequency of ADD ADHD behaviour in some children. The theory behind chiropractic ADD and ADHD alternative treatment is that the adjustments allow the nervous system to function better, which allows the brain and the body to have better communication.

Parents who support chiropractic treatment for their ADD ADHD child have found that their child is calmer and better able to sit and focus at a task after they have had an adjustment.

Brain Gym

Children who have ADD ADHD typically find it challenging to do certain cross pattern movements. Supporters of the ADD ADHD alternative treatment, known as 'brain gym', say that these particular movements are challenging for the ADD ADHD child because the left and right sides of your child's brain don't communicate well with each other.

Brain gym uses physical movements to get your child's right and left side brain to work together more effectively.

This is accomplished by having children participate in 'brain gym' which focuses on physical movement that require your child to cross the midline of their body in order to help with right and left brain patterning.

Supporters of brain gym have found the specific exercises in this ADD and ADHD alternative treatment program to have a profoundly positive effect on a child's behaviour.

Nutrition as an ADD and ADHD Alternative Treatment

Some people believe that ADD ADHD behaviour can be caused by food sensitivity or food allergy, or from the body's inability to properly digest food.

Some parents have found that they have been able to improve their child's digestive system function and as a result have alleviated their child's ADD ADHD behaviour once they have provided their child with nutritional supplements, with digestive enzymes and by cutting certain foods out of their child's diet.

The most common food allergies suspected of causing ADD ADHD behaviour in some children include dairy products, corn, wheat, soy, egg, citrus, peanuts and chocolate.

Food colouring, additives and processed or packaged foods have also been linked to ADD ADHD behaviour.

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