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Identifying ADD ADHD Characteristic

Identifying ADD ADHD characteristic...

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There are behaviour characteristics that are typical with ADD ADHD children.

add adhd characteristic

Any parent concerned about their child's behaviour or development should consult with their doctor, and a diagnosis of ADD ADHD shouldn't be made quickly.

But analyzing ADD/ADHD characteristics can be helpful in determining if your child shows any signs of ADD ADHD behaviour.

The main ADD/ADHD characteristics are based around attention impairment and hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Attention Impairment

The ADD/ADHD characteristic of attention impairment refers to behaviours that would include being easily distracted, having difficulty following directions, and difficulty in listening.

A common ADD/ADHD characteristic is when a child has difficulty concentrating on a task for a length of time, and has difficulty completing a task.

The ADD/ADHD characteristic of attention impairment also includes a child's difficulty in working independently. The ADD ADHD child often has poor study skills.

Hyperactivity and Impulsivity

The second ADD/ADHD characteristic involves how a child moves and behaves. An ADHD child often demonstrates impulsive behaviours. They typically have a very high activity level and they are easily over-stimulated.

Other ADD/ADHD characteristics involving hyperactive behaviour include being aggressive, becoming easily frustrated and having difficulty transitioning from one activity to another.

ADHD children are often described as being socially immature and they are also more likely to be involved in dangerous activities... like skateboarding down stairs or jumping off a high incline.

A child's impulsiveness refers to his reaction to his surroundings. An ADHD child is often described as doing something without thinking about the consequences. They have difficulty postponing a reaction. An ADHD child may often disrupt other children's play, interrupt conversations, and answer questions not intended for them.

Interpreting ADD ADHD Characteristics

All children show some of the above characteristics at one time or another, which can be totally age appropriate. But an ADD ADHD child typically demonstrates these ADD/ADHD characteristics before the age of seven, and demonstrates them on a consistent basis over a period of years.

An ADD ADHD child will demonstrate a number of these ADD/ADHD characteristics when they are not deemed age-appropriate and are not caused by a specific situations... for example, a new baby coming into the home.

ADD ADHD Characteristics in Varying Degrees

Some children may experience extreme difficulty in controlling ADHD behaviour to the point where treatment is necessary in order to function in society.

Other children may show some appearances of ADD/ADHD characteristics, but not to a degree where medical treatment is necessary.

Behaviour therapy and changes in diet are some treatments that have been effective in treating a child with ADD ADHD.

It is important to talk with your doctor before jumping to any conclusions in regards to your child's behavior, and before beginning any treatment.

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