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A new treatment for children suffering from ADD ADHD actually is in the form of a video game.

add adhd game

The intention of this ADD/ADHD game is to go beyond entertainment.

The ADD/ADHD game is designed to help those battling with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to improve their behaviour, lessen their symptoms and improve their life.

Most ADD ADHD children tend to 'zone out' when playing video games. But with the ADD/ADHD game, if the child loses concentration while playing the game then the video game stops responding.

Therefore, the ADD/ADHD game gives the child an incentive to continue concentrating. This incentive allows a child to eventually build up their concentration and results in improved focus for the child.

The objective of the ADD/ADHD game is to help control the child's brain-wave activity, which some researchers think works too fast or too slow in the brains of individuals with ADD ADHD.

Although the results of the ADD/ADHD game have been positive, experts advise parents that they should continue with their child's treatment medication and therapy treatment plan and not to abandon their treatment in favour of using just the ADD/ADHD game, because more research needs to be done in regards to the full effects of the ADD/ADHD game.

Parents should discuss with their doctor any plans in changing their child's treatment program.

The ADD/ADHD game is known as the Smart Brain Games System, and more information can be obtained about the game at

The ADD/ADHD game has been attributed to improving the memory of children with ADD ADHD and also in allowing a child to 'slow down and think'.

Children continue to improve with the ADD/ADHD game because they are motivated to continue playing the game. In order to continue playing they need to concentrate and focus.

The ADD/ADHD game has a specially designed helmet that monitors the player's brain waves with built-in sensors. Signals from the built-in sensors travel to the video controller as the game is being played, which is how the game is 'aware' when the player has lost concentration.

Children who use the ADD/ADHD game as a form of treatment for their ADD ADHD are required to play the Smart Brain ADD ADHD game for about 30 minutes a session, and need to play the game for 40 sessions to see results.

But some researchers have claimed that results of increased concentration and focus in ADD ADHD children are permanent. In recent studies, the Smart Brain ADD ADHD game successfully improved a child's attention, hyperactivity and impulse control.

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