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ADD ADHD is a condition where children struggle to concentrate and pay attention, to the point where it's severe and has an adverse affect on their life, both socially and academically.

add adhd help

There are a number of treatments designed to provide ADD/ADHD help to children.

If you are looking for ADD/ADHD help for your child you should consult with their doctor before engaging in a treatment plan.

A doctor who diagnoses ADD ADHD takes into considereation your child's behaviour and symptoms, often conusulting not only you, but also your child's teachers and other adults who frequently interact with your child, such as your child's caregiver.

ADD ADHD can affect your child in varying degrees, and depending on the severity of the disorder, and the specific behaviours your child exhibits, the best ADD/ADHD help may involve a combination of treatments that meets your child's particular individual needs.

Not every treatment will work on every child. It is important that parents and professionals work together to custom fit an ADD/ADHD help program that best fits a child's particular needs.

Some children requiring ADD/ADHD help display some behaviours of the ADHD spectrum but not all of them.

Although some children have difficulty staying focused on a task they may not have trouble sitting still.

Other children may have no problems paying attention and staying focused on a task, but they quickly lose that focus because of their hyperactive impulses. ADD/ADHD help varies, depending on the specific behaviours your child exhibits.

Prescribed ADD ADHD Help

There are certain medical stimulants that have been affective in providing ADD/ADHD help to children.

These stimulants affectively control your child's hyperactivity, increase your child's attention span and help control your child's impulsive behaviour.

Some of the most common medical treatments include Ritalin, Methylin, Adderall, Dexedrine, Metadate, Methlin and Focalin. Occasionally the anditdepressant drug Wellbutrin is also prescribed to treat ADD ADHD.

ADD ADHD Help Using Therapy Approaches

There are a number of psychosocial therapies that are considered useful in providing affective ADD/ADHD help, such as:

  • Behaviour Modification:
    Therapy that attempts to decrease negative behaviour by supporting and encourageing your child's positive behaviour.
  • Social Skills Training:
    Your child learns social skills such as sharing and taking turns so that they can have a more positive experience functioning in social situations.
  • Psychotherapy:
    Teaches your child to better handle their emotions and frustrations and can help build up your child's self esteem.
  • Special Education:
    A specifically designed educational approach that meets your child's unique educational needs in terms of their ADD ADHD. ADD/ADHD help, when structuing a learning environment often includes a very structured program that focuses on consistent routines.

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