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Signs of ADD ADHD
In Childhood

Recognizing the signs of ADD ADHD in childhood allows for your child suffering from ADHD to receive treatment which can ultimately improve their quality of life.

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add adhd in childhood

ADD/ADHD in childhood affects a child's ability to stay focused, concentrate, follow direction, pay attention, and wait for their turn.

Missing the signs of ADD/ADHD in childhood can result in your child being mislabeled as a 'bad kid', and can have adverse affects on your child's self esteem as well as their academics.

Understanding ADD/ADHD in childhood can also arm you with the proper tools to best parent your child with these challenges.

Education and support can assist an overwhelmed parent dealing with a child's challenging behaviour by making them feel that there is help out there and that they are not alone.

Recognizing the Symptoms of ADD ADD ADHD in Childhood

There are three behaviour categories within the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Spectrum which are;
  • Hyperactivity
  • Inattention and
  • Impulsiveness

ADD/ADHD in childhood can result in your child exhibiting some or all of the following behaviours...

Your child often can't stay still, stay seated or play quietly. Your child may be constantly on the move; running and jumping, to the point where it is not age appropriate or socially acceptable.

Your child does not appear to listen when spoken to, and is easily distracted from tasks. Tasks are often not completed or are completed in a careless manner. Your child has trouble keeping track of his things and keeping things organized.

Your child acts without thinking and acts recklessly without considering the consequences. Your child interrupts conversations and other children's play, and speaks out when inappropriate.

Medical Treatment for ADD ADHD in Childhood

Because ADHD is a medical condition which causes a chemical imbalance in your child's brain, medication has been shown to affectively counteract that chemical imbalance and improve ADHD behaviour in children.

Prescribed medication, such as Ritalin, Focalin, Metadate and Dexedrine provides a stimulant for your child that allows your child to better focus and concentrate and also improves impulse control and lessens hyperactivity.

Psychological Treatment for ADD/ADHD in Childhood

ADD/ADHD in childhood has been affectively treated with various psychological treatments.

Some of the more popular psychological treatments for ADD/ADHD in childhood include...

Social Skills Training; your child develops stronger social skills, such as taking turns, waiting for turns and sharing, which allows them to have more positive social connections.

Behaviour Modification; your child is rewarded for positive behaviour to encourage motivation for positive behaviour.

Special Education; your child's learning environment is organized in a structured manner with consistent routines.

Treating ADD/ADHD in childhood can allow your child to have more positive experiences and live happier more productive lives.

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