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ADD ADHD Statistics

ADD ADHD Statistics...

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Understanding the affects of ADD ADHD can allow you as a parent to know what you are up against.

add adhd statistics

Below is a list of ADD/ADHD statistics compiled by ADHD researcher Russell Barkley, PhD who has done extensive research on ADD ADHD.

ADD/ADHD statistics give insight into the life of a child with ADHD.

If you are aware of these ADD/ADHD statistics you can become aware of the potential challenges that are likely to occur for your ADHD child, in terms of their academic life, their social life, their family life and even their safety.

With the knowledge of ADD ADHD/statistics, you can ensure that your child not only receive treatment for current symptoms, but they can also be prepared to deal with challenges they may be facing in the future.

ADD ADHD Statistics Regarding the Classroom

  • In a classroom of 30 students there are 1 to 3 children with ADHD.
  • 25% of ADHD students have serious learning problems in areas including oral expression, listening skills, math and reading comprehension.
  • Half of ADHD students have listening comprehension problems.
  • One-third of ADHD students have difficulty with language deficits, poor organizational skills, poor fine motor skills and poor memory.

Basic ADD/ADHD Statistics

  • Boys are three times more likely to have ADD ADHD than girls.
  • 75% of ADD boys are also hyperactive.
  • 65% of ADD girls are also hyperactive.

ADD/ADHD Statistics Regarding Home Life

  • 40% of ADHD children have at least one parent with ADHD.
  • Parents with an ADHD child are three times as likely to separate or divorce as parents who don't have an ADHD child.

ADD/ADHD Statistics Regarding Additional Challenges

  • The rate of emotional development for an ADHD child is 30% slower than the emotional development of a child without ADHD. A 10-year-old ADHD child operates at a 7-year-old maturity level.
  • 65% of ADHD children have problems with authority figures, and exhibit verbal hostility, defiance, temper tantrums and non-compliance.
  • ADHD children are three times more likely to have problems with expressive language.
  • 50% of ADHD children also have sleep problems.

ADD ADHD in the Teen Years

  • 21% of ADHD teens repeatedly skip school.
  • 35% of ADHD teens drop out of school.
  • 30% of ADHD teens fail subjects and repeat a year of school.
  • 35% of ADHD teens get suspended.
  • ADHD teens have almost four times as many traffic citations than non-ADHD teens.
  • ADHD teens have four times as many car wrecks as non-ADHD teens.
  • ADHD teens are seven times more likely to be involved in a second accident as non-ADHD teens.

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