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Recognizing ADD
ADHD Symptoms

Recognizing ADD ADHD Symptoms...

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Children often exhibit boundless energy and excitability. But sometimes you may be concerned that your child's behaviour is more than just 'typical'.

add adhd symptoms

ADD ADHD is a condition where children have difficulty staying focused, paying attention and concentrating.

Although you should not attempt to diagnose your child with any type of medical condition without professional guidance, understanding the basic ADD/ADHD symptoms may alleviate a your fears, and recognizing ADD/ADHD symptoms may encourage you to seek medical advice.

ADD/ADHD symptoms are grouped into three categories which are; attention impairment symptoms, hyperactivity symptoms and impulsivity symptoms.

ADD ADHD Symptoms Regarding Attention Impairment

ADD/ADHD symptoms that fall into the attention impairment category refer to how well your child is able to concentrate. They include...
  • Difficulty in following directions
  • Being easily distracted
  • Difficulty in listening
  • Difficulty concentrating on a task or completing a task
  • Difficulty working independently
  • Having poor study skills
  • Appearing to not listen when being spoken to.

ADD/ADHD Symptoms Regarding Hyperactivity

ADD/ADHD symptoms that fall into the hyperactivity category refer to how your child behaves and moves. They include...
  • Having a very high activity level
  • Being easily over-stimulated
  • Being aggressive
  • Being constantly on the go and in motion to the point where it is not age appropriate or socially acceptable.

ADD/ADHD Symptoms Regarding Impulsivity

ADD/ADHD symptoms that fall into the impulsivity category refer to how your child reacts to their surroundings.

They include...

  • Doing things without thinking about the consequences... running into the street without looking, jumping of high inclines etc.
  • Having difficulty postponing reactions
  • Having difficulty waiting for their turn or sharing
  • Often blurting out answers to questions that were not directed at them
  • Often disrupting other children's play
  • Often interrupting other's conversations.

Identifying ADD/ADHD Symptoms

Many children who are not ADD ADHD exhibit some of the ADD/ADHD symptoms at one time or another.

It is important not to label your child with a medical condition unless they have been thoroughly examined by a professional.

It is worth noting that some children who exhibit ADD/ADHD symptoms actually have a separate medical condition, such as a vitamin deficiency, diabetes or vision problems.

ADD/ADHD symptoms in children with ADD ADHD typically are apparent in the child before the age of seven. And the symptoms are not brought on by a situation, such as a divorce, a new baby or a family move.

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