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ADD ADHD Teenagers

ADD ADHD Teenagers...

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Parents raising any teenager are up against many new challenges. But parents raising ADD/ADHD teenagers have an additional set of worries and challenges.

add adhd teenagers

ADD/ADHD teenagers must deal with all of the adolescent problems such as peer pressure, fear of failure academically and socially and low self esteem, while managing the challenging symptoms of ADHD.

Like any teenager, ADD/ADHD teenagers have a desire to be independent and also feel a desire to experience new and forbidden things like drugs, alcohol and sex.

During this trying time in your child's life, you need to establish straightforward and easy to understand rules, and keep the lines of communication open.

Setting Rules for ADD ADHD Teenagers

When establishing rules with ADD/ADHD teenagers it is important that the teenager know the reason for each rule.

When setting a rule, make sure to explain why a rule is being set. You may want to use a chart to keep rules clear. Rules can be posted as either social or school related.

When ADD/ADHD Teenagers Break the Rules

ADD/ADHD teenagers, like any teenagers, will test and occasionally break the rules. It is important that you react as calmly as possible when dealing with broken rules. Keep behaviour in perspective and learn to pick your battles.

Punishment, with ADD/ADHD teenagers is most effective when used sparingly. Keep in mind that communication, negotiation and compromise will be very helpful in positive discipline for ADD/ADHD teenagers.

Time-Out Still Effective for ADD/ADHD Teenagers

Because impulsivity and hot tempered behaviour often accompanies ADD/ADHD teenagers, a short time alone can allow teens to calm down and refocus.

Encouraging Independent Behaviour with ADD/ADHD Teenagers

You can help encourage independent responsible behaviour by encouraging the following strategies...
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Keeping their room organized, properly storing school supplies, clothes, sports equipment and CDs
  • Establishing a consistent daily routine
  • Using a daily planner for appointments and assignments
  • Establishing a consistent homework schedule
  • Maintaining safety conscious behaviour, such as wearing seatbelts, and protective sports gear
  • Finding a trusting adult to talk about problems.

Being Aware of the Statistics in Regards to ADD/ADHD Teenagers

If you are aware of the statistics regarding ADD/ADHD teenagers you can better safeguard your child from some of the issues that commonly plague an ADD ADHD teen.

Some alarming statistics regarding ADD ADHD teenagers, as compiled by ADHD researcher Russell Barkley, PhD include...

  • ADD/ADHD teenagers have almost four times as many traffic citations as non-ADHD teens
  • ADD/ADHD teenagers have four times as many car wrecks and are seven times more likely to be involved in second car accidents
  • 21% of ADD/ADHD teenagers repeatedly skip school
  • 30% of ADD/ADHD teenagers fail subjects and repeat a school year
  • 35% of ADD/ADHD teenagers get suspended from school
  • 35% of ADD/ADHD teenagers drop out of school.

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