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Finding Accurate
ADD ADHD Testing

Finding Accurate ADD ADHD Testing...

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Although there are many ADHD quick test surveys listing symptoms of ADHD behaviour, these surveys should not be used as a sole diagnosis for ADHD.

add adhd testing

When considering ADD/ADHD testing, if you are concerned with your child's behaviour you should consult a qualified medical practitioner, preferably one that has experience dealing with children and also with ADHD and other related disorders.

Finding adequate ADD/ADHD testing and obtaining a proper diagnosis for your child is essential in determining the correct treatment.

There are three categories within the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Spectrum which are...

  • ADHD, predominantly inattentive
  • ADHD, predominantly hyperactive-impulsive
  • ADHD, predominantly combined

Investigations Involved In ADD ADHD Testing

In thorough ADD/ADHD testing, a health care professional will consult criteria of the common behaviours exhibited from these three categories of ADHD and compare them with the behaviour of your child.

Through ADD/ADHD testing the health care professional will gather a variety of information about your child in order to establish a proper diagnosis.

ADD/ADHD testing also includes an interview with your child as well as information gathered from a Behaviour Rating Scale or ADHD checklist given to you, your child's teachers and other adults having close contact with your child, such as a babysitter.

The health care professional will also look at your child's medical history, examining your child's social, emotional, behavioural and educational history.

If your child is going through ADD/ADHD testing you should ensure that health care professionals are following through with all of these investigative measures, in order that a proper diagnosis can be made.

ADD ADHD testing to Rule out Other Medical Conditions

ADHD can be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms of the disorder mimics the symptoms of other disorders.

These disorders include depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, conduct disorder and bipolar disorder.

ADD/ADHD testing should include verbal and written testing for these associated disorders to ensure that your child isn't in fact suffering from another disorder or perhaps has a combination of these disorders.

ADD/ADHD testing that includes testing for learning disabilities can ensure that the best education plan can be established for your child.

ADD/ADHD Testing To Rule Out Other Medical Problems

Other medical problems can cause ADHD type behaviours. Your child's ADD/ADHD testing should also include...

Hearing and Vision testing: This can cause an interference with your child's attention and success in school.

Lead Testing: Even a small amount of lead in your child's body can cause ADHD type behaviour.

Thyroid Testing: A poorly functioning thyroid can affect your child's energy and attention.

Blood Testing: A low blood cell count in your child can cause low energy and poor concentration.

Thorough ADD/ADHD testing can ensure that your child receives an accurate diagnosis and can soon receive the best treatment possible.

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