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ADD and ADHD Diet

ADD and ADHD Diet...

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An ADD ADHD diet attempts to curb ADHD behaviour through nutrition.

add and adhd diet

Some parents have found that by eliminating certain foods, and by adding others, the symptoms of ADHD are actually reduced.

In some cases it is reported that the symptoms have been eliminated altogether through an ADD ADHD diet.

Because the basis of an ADD ADHD diet is nutrition, the whole family can benefit from the positive affects of an ADD ADHD diet.

Check with your child's doctor before making any major changes to their diet.

Dietary Guidelines for the ADD/ADHD Diet

The ADD ADHD diet recommends that children eat five or six times a day, so that blood sugar can be more evenly distributed.

The ADD ADHD diet also recommends that children not eat three hours before bedtime and that they avoid foods and drinks with caffeine, as well as a lot of fruit juices.

The ADD and ADHD Diet Uses Organic Foods

Some people feel that the pesticides, fungicides and herbicides which are used to grow many of our foods can have an effect on the behaviour of an ADHD child.

Many people feel that organic foods are a more wholesome choice, protecting the body from toxins, and that the body can run much more efficiently when provided with organic foods.

Food Additives are Eliminated from the ADD ADHD Diet

Food additives, artificial flavouring and processed foods are also eliminated from the ADD ADHD diet.

Food dyes are considered by some people to have an especially negative affect on the behaviour of children with ADD and ADHD.

Common Food Allergies and the ADD ADHD Diet

The ADD ADHD diet is weary of foods that are commonly associated with allergies. The theory is that a food allergy can be causing the ADD and ADHD behaviours.

These foods associated with allergies include wheat, eggs, cow's milk, chocolate, yeast, corn, orange juice and apple juice.

Magnesium and Fatty Acids are encouraged with an ADD and ADHD Diet

Foods high in magnesium have been shown to have a positive affect on the behaviour of children with ADD and ADHD.

Fatty acids, like those found in oily fish, are important to brain development and are important in the diet of an ADD and ADHD child.

The ADD ADHD Diet Eliminates Sugar

The ADD ADHD diet steers clear of sugar as well as empty carbohydrates such as white bread, many boxed cereals and white rice.

It is believed by many people that children with ADD and ADHD are highly sensitive to sugar, having difficulty metabolizing the sugar, and their behaviour is adversely affected when sugar is ingested.

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