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Discover ADHD
Alternative Treatments

There are a number of ADHD alternative treatments available today.

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When ADHD was first diagnosed the main form of treatment was prescription medication.

adhd alternative treatments

But today a number of people have been pleased with the results when they treat their child with alternative treatments for ADHD.

You should always discuss your child's treatment plan with your doctor before embarking on an alternative treatment for your ADHD child.

You may also be interested in checking out some of the latest alternative treatment for ADHD.

Specially Designed Video Game Serves As An ADHD Alternative Treatment

An alternative treatment for ADHD, Smart Brain Game System attempts to curb your child's ADHD behaviour by improving their ability to concentrate and stay focused.

The Smart Brain Game System is a video game designed specifically to treat children with ADHD.

The video game has been shown to affectively improve the concentration of children with ADHD.

If your child loses concentration while playing the video game then the game stops responding.

The game is able to keep track of your child's concentration level through a specially designed helmet that monitors your child's brainwaves.

Your child has incentive to concentrate in order to continue on with the game. The result of this video game has proven to be a successful alternative ADHD treatment, as children have been shown to have improved concentration and focus.

Alternative ADHD Treatment Regarding Diet

Alternative ADHD treatment using diet attempts to curb your child's ADHD behaviour by improving their digestive system.

There is a theory that food allergy and food sensitivity can aggravate ADHD behaviour.

Some feel that children with ADHD are unable to properly digest food, and the result of these digestion problems cause ADHD behaviour.

Some children take nutritional supplements, while others stick to a wholesome organic diet. Some foods are omitted from the child's diet while others are added.

It is believed that some of the most common food allergies among ADHD children are with dairy products, egg, soy, wheat, peanuts and chocolate.

Diets which are used as an ADHD alternative treatment cut out food dye, additives and packaged foods.

Alternative ADHD Treatment With Chiropractic Care

Alternative ADHD treatment with chiropractic care attempts to improve your child's ADHD behaviour by improving their nervous system.

Some parents have found that when their child has received regular adjustments by a chiropractor the severity of their ADHD behaviour has been alleviated and the frequency of the behaviour has decreased.

It is believed that the chiropractic alternative ADHD treatment allows the nervous system to function better which allows the brain and the body to have better communication.

Parents have found that their child is calmer and is better able to focus on a task after receiving a chiropractic adjustment.

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