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adhd and autism

Identifying ADHD can be complicated because there is no definitive medical test that can prove or disprove the presence of ADHD.

And the diagnosis can be further complicated if your child also have other co-existing disorders.

It is not uncommon for your child with ADHD to also have an additional disorder, such as an anxiety disorder or depression.

ADHD/Autism can also be co-existing disorders. In fact, some researchers believe there is a coloration between ADHD and autism.

The autism may be more or less severe than the ADHD. And in some cases, what appears to be ADHD symptoms can actually be autism symptoms.

In order to ensure that your child receives the best possible treatment it is important to make sure your child gets an accurate diagnosis, which includes a complete physical examination.

Unfortunately your child's ADHD is sometimes complicated with other challenging disorders that co-exist with ADHD.

These disorders might be less severe or more severe than the ADHD.

But correctly identifying your child's individual and specific medical condition will allow you and professionals to provide the best possible treatment for your child.

Identifying Autism

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder in which your child has impaired social interaction and difficulty with verbal and non-verbal communication.

The disorder is commonly known as 'autism spectrum disorder' because it affects children in various degrees of severity.

Common Characteristics Associated With Autism

If your child is not meeting certain developmental milestones they may be showing signs of autism.

Some of those milestones include...

  • Your child who very rarely laughs, cries or fusses by 5 months of age
  • Your child who does not watch the face of someone speaking to them, by 5 months of age
  • Not babbling or mimicking speech... ie. 'ma ma' or 'ba ba'... by 12 months of age
  • Not showing any interest in toys or books by 12 months of age
  • Not waving, pointing or gesturing by 12 months of age.

Similar Symptoms of ADHD And Autism

Many of the symptoms of ADHD and autism are very similar, which can make a specific diagnosis confusing.

It is very important to closely examine symptoms so that a proper diagnosis and the most affective treatment can be designed for your child.

When comparing ADHD/autism symptoms we find similarities with...

Social skills:
ADHD children have difficulty with social skills, often having difficulty with bonding, and Autistic children lack the ability to create emotional bonds, and struggle with interactions with others.

Many ADHD children exhibit hyperactive behaviour, and autistic children are often easily over-excited and over-stimulated which can be interpreted as hyperactivity.

Difficulty Adjusting to Change:
Both the ADHD/autism can cause your child to have difficulty adjusting to a change in their regular routine.

Both the ADHD/autism can cause your child to be easily distracted and annoyed by textures and touch.

Both the ADHD/autism can cause your child to react without thinking of the consequences, such as darting into traffic.

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