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Understanding ADHD
And Children

Understanding ADHD and Children...

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adhd and children

It is important when anyone compares the symptoms of ADHD and children's behaviours that they have a true understanding of the depths of ADHD characteristics.

In order for your child to be correctly diagnosed with ADHD your child should have extensive testing by an experienced health care professional.

The testing should include a full physical examination to rule out any medical condition that may be causing ADHD type behaviours, such as hearing loss, vision problems, vitamin deficiency and lead exposure.

ADHD testing should also include extensive interviews with your child, yourself and adults who have close contact with your child, such as a babysitter or teacher.

When behaviours associated with your child's ADHD is being compared it is important to keep in mind that the behaviours should be considered extreme; to the point where they are not age appropriate and not socially acceptable.

These extreme behaviours should affect your child in more than one setting, such as at school and at home.

Comparing Behaviours Associated With ADHD And Children's Typical Behaviours

Behaviours associated with children's ADHD typical behaviours can often sound similar, because many children can be described as having boundless energy, and having difficulty sitting still and staying on task for any length of time.

ADHD is a condition in which your child have difficulty paying attention, staying focused and concentrating.

They have an extremely difficult time following directions and waiting their turn.

Your ADHD child is often impulsive and constantly on the move to a degree that is considered inappropriate, distractive, and socially unacceptable.

Understanding the difference between the extreme behaviours associated with ADHD and children's typical behaviours can ensure that your child not get mislabeled ADHD; which can not only affect their self esteem but also keep them from receiving unnecessary medication.

It can also ensure that parents of children with the chemical imbalance of ADHD become armed with support and education so that they can ensure that their child receive the best possible treatment.

If you have a child diagnosed with ADHD and you are educated on ADHD facts you can realize that you are not alone in your struggle to raise your child with an often challenging disorder.

You can become aware of potential challenges likely to occur when raising an ADHD child, in terms of their academic life, their social life and their family life.

You can also receive the latest information on the most effective treatments for your child.

Medical Treatment For ADHD Children

Because ADHD is a medical condition which causes a chemical imbalance in your child's brain, medication can affectively counteract that chemical imbalance and improve ADHD behaviour in your child.

Prescribed medication, such as Ritalin, Focalin, Metadate and Dexedrine provides a stimulant for your child that allows them to better focus and concentrate and also improves impulse control and lessens hyperactivity.

Psychological Treatment For ADHD Children

ADHD is also affectively treated with various psychological treatments, such as special education, social skills training, behaviour modification, and cognitive therapy.

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