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ADHD And Education Challenges

ADHD and Education Challenges...

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adhd and education

A child with ADHD is faced with many academic challenges.

ADHD is a condition in which your child has difficulty paying attention, staying focused and concentrating.

These behaviours have an adverse affect on your child's academic success.

The additional challenges of impulsivity, hyperactivity and inability to follow directions make education and ADHD a challenging combination.

Understanding the challenges of education and ADHD can allow you and teachers to come up with an educational plan that will allow your child the best possible chance for personal success.

ADHD And Education Plans

It is common for an ADHD child to also have additional learning problems, such as math and reading comprehension problems, oral expression problems, and listening comprehension problems.

Children with ADHD also typically have poor organizational skills, poor fine motor skills and poor memory.

These ADHD associated problems make it especially challenging for your child with ADHD to succeed in school without a special education plan.

A special education plan is a specifically designed educational approach that meets your child's individual unique educational needs.

You and teachers can work together to custom design an educational plan for your child, which includes a structured learning environment which focuses on consistent routines.

Treatment for ADHD and Education Success

In order for your ADHD child to succeed in school there needs to be communication between parents, teachers and health care professionals.

Teachers who are aware of the treatment plan for your ADHD child will have better insight into their expected behaviour and can help to plan an appropriate education plan for your child.

Your child's teacher has valuable insight into their behaviour, the challenges they face in the classroom, and the educational expectations that they are either meeting or not meeting.

It is very important that you and health care providers consult teachers in regards to your child's ADHD treatment, to get their input and also insure that everyone is on the same page in regards to the treatment plan for your child.

Supporting The Teacher is Supporting Your Child

Education and ADHD is a challenge for many of today's teachers.

In a classroom of 30 students it is estimated that one to three children have ADHD.

In addition to the learning challenges these children have, an ADHD child is also more likely to exhibit verbal hostility, violence and temper tantrums.

It is very important to make sure that the classroom teacher is supported in her classroom, so that she can provide the best learning environment for your ADHD child, and the other children in the room.

An overwhelmed teacher is less likely to go that extra step for your ADHD child.

Educational assistants, and other health care professionals present in the classroom can provide a teacher with the support she needs.

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