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ADHD And The Brain:
What Parents Need To Know

ADHD and the Brain......

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adhd and the brain

As more research is done in regards to the condition known as ADHD the more we learn about the connection of your child's brain and ADHD.

Your child's brain and ADHD are directly related, because ADHD; which is a disorder that causes children to have difficulty staying focused and attentive, and also causes hyperactivity and impulsivity, is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

ADHD behaviours are caused by this chemical imbalance. The more you discover about your child's brain and ADHD the more you are able to come up with effective treatments for your child.

Recent Studies on ADHD and the Brain

In recent studies on the brain and ADHD it was discovered that ADHD may delay but does not prevent the development of the brain's attention center.

The studies, by researchers from the National Institute of Mental Health, found that the ADHD brain is about three years behind in maturing, with regards to attention.

This brain and ADHD study may explain why many children with ADHD appear to 'outgrow' their ADHD behaviour.

The findings are considered good news to parents, as it shows that the brain development does occur, but is just delayed.

ADHD and the Brain's Functioning

We understand more clearly how ADHD affects your child's brain. Your child with ADHD actually thinks differently than a child who does not have ADHD. Some of the unique characteristics of a child with ADHD include...

The ADHD brain hyper-focuses, to the point where other stimuli are blocked out.

We know from studying the brain and ADHD, that your child who has ADHD will hyper-focus on an interesting stimuli. If your child is hyper focused on something the brain thinks is interesting, but it is not what your child is supposed to be focused on at the time, then your child is seen as being distracted.

The brain of your child with ADHD is constantly searching for important stimuli. This can become overwhelming, and ultimately lead to over-stimulation, which results in your child showing frustration, irritability and temper tantrums.

Sometimes when the ADHD brain is searching for interesting stimuli your child will feel the need to get up and move around in order to find that interesting stimuli. Not every child with ADHD battles with hyperactivity.

We have learned through ADHD and brain studies that the ADHD brain responds immediately and reflexively in situations. This causes your child to say and do things without thinking them through first.

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