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ADHD Assessment Tools

ADHD Assessment Tools...

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adhd assessment tests

If your child is being assessed for ADHD they should have a thorough ADHD assessment done by an experience health care professional who uses professional assessment tools.

ADHD can be hard to diagnose, and the diagnosis can be made more complicated if there are co-existing disorders or other medical conditions involved.

Ensuring that your child is given a thorough assessment with reliable assessment tools can insure that a proper diagnosis is reached and your child is able to receive any needed treatment.

ADHD assessing tools are forms, checklists and rating scales that provide the health care professional with information about your child.

The assessment tools may be filled out by your child, by you, by teachers and also by adults who have close contact with your child, such as a caregiver.

Health care providers who are performing an ADHD assessment on your child may ask you to fill out more than one type of assessment tools in order to get a full grasp of your child's behaviour in more than one situation.

Popular ADHD Assessment Tools

The Vanderbilt Assessment Scale is an ADHD assessment scale which incorporates 55 items.

There are two components of this popular ADHD assessment scale that include assessing symptoms, and judging the impairment of your child's performance in school, at home and in social situations.

There is a parent form for the Vanderbilt Assessment scale and a separate teacher form.

Other popular assessment tools include SNAP-IV-C Rating Scales. These scales contain 80 items, and can be filled out by you, teachers and caregivers.

These ratings scales include specific items revolving around the classroom, such as...

  • Your child being able to get started on a task
  • Your child being able to stay on task
  • Your child's interaction with others
  • Your child being able to shift activities
  • Your child being able to complete work.

These questions can allow a health care provider to determine the severity of your child's impairment in the classroom.

Other assessment tools attempt to gain background information about your child's behaviour.

ADHD Symptom Checklist is a 21 item checklist that attempts to determine when ADHD symptoms began in your child and whether or not these symptoms impair your child in various situations.

Interpreting ADHD Assessment Tools

Interpreting Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder assessment tools is the job of a trained professional. The more assessment tools a professional health care provider consults with, the better they will be able to have a full understanding of your child.

Although it is not your job to interpret the assessment tools, you can make sure that the professional assessing your child takes the time to consult a variety of reliable assessment tools.

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