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The ADHD Autism Connection

The ADHD Autism Connection...

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adhd autism

An ADHD diagnosis can seem at some times to be overwhelming. But unfortunately, a percentage of children with ADHD also have co-existing disorders.

There are a percentage of children diagnosed with ADHD and autism. In fact there are some researchers who believe that there is an ADHD and autism connection.

ADHD is caused by a chemical imbalance in your child's brain that affects your child's ability to concentrate. ADHD also often affects your child's ability to control their impulses and ability to control their activity level.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that impairs your child's social interactions, and affects their verbal and non-verbal communication.

Symptoms of both ADHD and autism are similar, which can make a diagnosis confusing. Behaviours sometimes associated with ADHD can actually be caused by Autism.

Children diagnosed with ADHD autism may have one disorder that is stronger than the other. But the presence of both disorders makes the condition more difficult to bear and more complicated to treat.

The important thing is to ensure that your child is properly diagnosed and is given the best treatment for any co-existing disorders they suffer from.

Similarities With ADHD Autism Symptoms

Because ADHD and autism symptoms can seem similar it is very important to closely identify the symptom to ensure that your child is treated for the proper disorder.

A custom made treatment plan should be designed for the child based on the presence and severity of each co-existing disorder.

ADHD and Autism symptoms that are similar involve...

Your child's ADHD symptoms may cause hyperactive behaviour, while autistic symptoms can lead your child to be over-excited and over-stimulated which may be misinterpreted to be hyperactivity.

An autistic child can be extremely sensitive to textures and touch. Your child with ADHD is easily distracted by textures and touch, which may make them appear to be hypersensitive.

ADHD and autism symptoms both include your child acting without thinking things through, such as darting into traffic.

Inability to adjust to change
ADHD and autism both involve symptoms of an inability to deal with changes to routine. Both the ADHD and autistic child can react negatively to change in routine, making it difficult to distinguish which disorder is causing the reaction.

Social Challenges
Your child with ADHD has difficulty acting appropriately in social situations, and can have difficulty bonding with others. An autistic child lacks ability to create emotional bonds and struggles to interact with others.

Because there appears to be an ADHD and autism connection with some children, it is wise to have your child completely assessed for any co-existing disorders when being assessed for ADHD.

Understanding exactly what you are up against in regards to your child's condition, will allow you to provide the best possible treatment for them.

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