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What Is ADHD Behaviour Modification?

ADHD Behaviour Modification...

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adhd behaviour modification

ADHD ADD behaviour modification is a therapy technique that rewards desirable behaviour with some form of reward or privilage and discourages inappropriate behaviour by removing privilages or giving some form of punishment.

ADHD is a behaviour disorder that is caused by a chemical imbalance. Children with ADHD have difficulty concentrating and staying focused.

They also battle with hyperactivity and impulsivity. Affective treatment for ADHD can include ADHD ADD behaviour modification.

ADHD Behaviour Modification Charts

Most ADHD ADD behaviour modification therapies utilize an ADHD ADD behaviour modification chart in order to keep track of behaviours.

Typical behaviour modification charts are designed so that a tally is drawn up at the end of the week, or the end of the month to chart your child's progress.

Some ADHD ADD behaviour modification charts are designed as colourful posters in which stickers are added. These charts may be hung in the kitchen or in your child's room.

Other ADHD ADD behaviour modification charts are computerized scoring incentive charts that are kept on the computer.

The chart is typically sectioned off into days of the week. Each day is broken down into sections that may include morning, afternoon and evening.

In these sections specific areas of the day will be highlighted and an area will be made available to show if your child was successful in maintaining positive behaviour during that time or unsuccessful.

An example of a highlighted area may be...


  • I got dressed on time __yes__no
  • I packed my backpack with all of my schoolwork __yes__no
  • I did not get spoken to on the bus to school __yes__no
  • I stayed seated and completed my morning work __yes__no

Rewards for Positive Behaviour

It is important that you find rewards that are enticing to your child. Some rewards that may work for your child's ADHD ADD behaviour modification chart might be... extra time for playing video games, a bonus on allowance, extra TV time, renting a fun movie, etc.

Benefits to the ADHD Behaviour Modification Chart

The ADHD ADD behaviour modification chart can help your child stay motivated and focused on positive behaviours.

Children may find that having their daily schedule outlined in front of them in chart form helps them stay organized.

The ADHD ADD behaviour modificatin chart also allows your child a feeling of independence and accountability, and with a concrete chart outlining their success, your child can also affectively build up confidence and self esteem.

Challenges of an ADHD Behaviour Modification Chart

The ADHD ADD behaviour modification can be an effective theraputic tool for an ADHD ADD child if the chart is used used properly.

It is very important for you to be consisent with the ADHD ADD behaviour modification chart.

You should consistently check off the chart and keep track of your child's progress. You should make sure to keep your end of the bargain and promptly reward positive behaviour when it is due.

Switching up the ADHD behaviour chart from time to time, adding new behaviour expectations and new and exciting rewards will keep the chart enticing in the eyes of your child.

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