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Examining ADHD Causes

Examining ADHD Causes...

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adhd causes

Exact ADHD causes are unknown. Many experts believe that the evidence is mounting on the side of genetics as the main contributor to causing ADHD.

But there are other theories about causes of ADHD.

Some experts believe that a combination of more than one factor can be attributed to causing ADHD.

Possible Causes of ADHD


ADHD, which is a chemical imbalance that may cause your child to be hyperactive and impulsive, and also have difficulty staying focused and keeping concentration, may be caused by genetics.

Some experts believe that genetics are causes of ADHD because ADHD appears to run in some families, and people with ADHD are found to have lower levels of dopamine in their brain, because of their genetic make-up.

Researchers in support of this theory are trying to determine a specific gene within a child's DNA that may cause ADHD.

Nutrition and Diet

Some experts believe that the foods we eat can aggravate ADHD behaviours. Sugar and food additives can cause abnormal behaviour in some children suffering from ADHD behaviour, according to some experts.

A lack of certain nutrients also appears to aggravate ADHD symptoms, according to some experts.

A lack of omega-3 fatty acids in your child's diet can cause ADHD type behaviour, and fish oil supplements appear to alleviate ADHD symptoms in some children, according to some experts.

A diet deficient in magnesium can cause common psychiatric problems like anxiety, depression and irritability.

There have been studies that have shown ADHD children to be deficient in common minerals, including magnesium, iron and zinc. A diet rich in magnesium has been shown to have positive affects on ADHD behaviour.

Some experts believe that food allergies can attribute to causing ADHD. Supporters of this theory believe that ingesting certain foods can cause an alteration to some children's brain function, and the allergic reaction manifests itself as ADHD type symptoms and behaviours.

Sleep Deprivation

if your child has chronic poor sleep they can have difficulty focusing their attention and can also have low tolerance for expressing negative emotion; such as irritability, frustration and temper tantrums.

Chronic sleep deprivation can also result in your child having difficulty controlling their impulses and emotions. These are all symptoms which could mislabel your child ADHD, when sleep is the actual culprit.

The Environment

Exposure to toxin in our environment is thought to be one of the ADHD causes, according to some experts.

Lead exposure has been suggested as a contributor to ADHD, as well as exposure to nicotine through maternal smoking.

Brain Injury

Brain Injuries can be causes of ADHD because damage to the frontal lobe of the brain can cause ADHD-like symptoms in previously unaffected children, according to some research. The severity of the ADHD symptoms is dependant on the extent of the brain injury.

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