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ADHD Definition:
Subtypes And Symptoms

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ADHD definition

ADHD definition states that ADHD is a disorder that affects your child's ability to concentrate and stay focused.

Although symptoms of ADHD can differ with each child, many children who suffer from ADHD have difficulty following directions and finishing tasks. They are also very impulsive and have excessive energy.

The definition of ADHD states that children who are ADHD exhibit these behaviours; which can appear to be typical in many active children from time to time, in an extreme manner.

Their behaviours interfere with their ability to function socially and in school settings. These behaviours are not considered to be age appropriate and cannot be explained by a change in your child's life; such as a divorce, a family move or a new baby.

Defining ADHD Subtypes

The definition of ADHD identifies three major symptoms which are; hyperactivity, inattention and impulsiveness.

The definition of ADHD reflects the fact that not all ADHD children exhibit all three symptoms.

A child diagnosed with ADHD is typically diagnosed with one of the three following subtypes...

  • ADHD Predominantly Inattentive
  • ADHD Predominantly Hyperactive Impulsive
  • ADHD Predominantly Combined

Definition of ADHD Regarding Length of Symptoms

Because many of the symptoms of ADHD can appear to some degree in many children who are perfectly healthy, it is important to note that definition of ADHD states that an ADHD child's symptoms typically appear before your child is six years old, and will have been prevalent for more than a year.

Your child's behaviour can change as she grows and develop and it is important to note that with ADHD the symptoms must be obvious from a young age and last for a significant period of time.

Definition of ADHD Regarding Severity of Symptoms

The definition of ADHD also states that the behaviour symptoms of an ADHD child are severe, and cannot be ignored.

Your child's behaviour has a negative affect on their social life and their success in school. You, teachers, child care providers and any other adult who has close contact with your child should all be consulted by the health care professional who assesses your child for ADHD.

Hyperactive ADHD Definition

The hyperactive behaviour associated with definition of ADHD includes when your child...

  • Has difficulty standing still or staying seated without fidgeting, bouncing or moving
  • Talks excessively
  • Climbs on things or jumps off things inappropriately
  • Is constantly moving
  • Have difficulty with quiet activities.

Impulsive ADHD Definition

The impulsive behaviour associated with definition of ADHD include when your child...

  • Interrupts other's conversations
  • Has difficulty waiting for a turn
  • Interrupts other children's play inappropriately
  • Blurts out answers inappropriately
  • Acts in a reckless manner without thinking of the consequences, such as running into traffic or jumping off a dangerous incline.

Inattentive ADHD Definition

The inattentive behaviour associated with definition of ADHD include when your child...

  • Appears not to listen when being spoken to
  • Has difficulty following directions and finishing tasks
  • Is easily distracted
  • Makes careless mistakes
  • Loses belongings and has a difficult time staying organized.

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