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The Importance Of
Identifying ADHD Girls

The Importance of Identifying ADHD Girls...

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ADHD girls

When many people think of ADHD they envision hyperactive little boys. In fact, most of the studies done on ADHD have been done on boys.

And although there are a higher percentage of boys with ADHD than girls, a significant number of children who suffer from ADHD are girls.

And ADHD ADD girls can be affected by their condition in different ways than boys.

Identifying ADHD ADD Girls

ADHD ADD girls can go undiagnosed for longer periods than boys, because ADHD ADD girls tend to be less disruptive.

They are more likely to suffer predominantly from inattentive ADHD. This can lead to difficulty in completing school work, but often does not lead to disruptive behaviour.

They also tend to be less rebellious and less defiant than ADHD boys. It is worth noting that treatment for ADHD ADD girls can be different than treatment for ADHD boys.

ADHD ADD girls are shown to respond well to medical treatment. When treated for ADHD, they report that their quality of life had been greatly improved.

ADHD ADD Girls Suffer More Depression

Studies, such as the one performed by Drs. Joseph Beiderman and Craig B.H. Surman from Massachusetts General Hospital found that ADHD ADD girls are more likely to suffer major depression than non-ADHD ADD girls.

Studies show that they are more at risk of having high rates of major depression, as well as suffering from anxiety disorders and disruptive behaviour disorders.

They are also more likely to have an earlier onset of major depression. They also have a higher rate of suicide than non-ADHD ADD girls.

ADHD ADD Girls More Likely to Have an Eating Disorder

ADHD ADD girls are more than three times as likely to develop either anorexia or bulimia nervosa as non-ADHD ADD girls.

Treating ADHD ADD Girls May Prevent Depression

Correctly identifying ADHD ADD in girls can allow your child to not only receive treatment for their ADHD ADD symptoms, but can also safeguard against future depression or eating disorders.

Parents who are made aware of their daughter's risk of suffering from depression and eating disorders can watch for any signs that could indicate that their daughters are in potential danger of developing these life threatening illnesses.

Providing Therapy For ADHD ADD Girls

ADHD ADD girls need to be properly treated and should be assessed closely by doctors who understand the specific risks associated with them.

ADHD ADD girls who exhibit any signs of depression or eating disorders should receive professional therapy.

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