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Aims of Child Development

Just what are the aims of Child Development?...

aims of child development

Child development is how your child grows through progression of developmental milestones. All children follow the same sequence of growth and development and within the same wide timetables.

Though the pattern is widely the same for all children but it is necessary to know that every child is unique and will progress at his/her own individual speed.

The main areas of child development are inter-related which are language, communication, feelings, relationships and various cultural elements that every child is brought up which influences his/her development.

Special needs children mostly seem to be delayed at the development ladder thus moving through developmental stages in an unusual and very thorough ways. For instance, they might sit or walk at the normal age, but would not talk at the normal way.

Child Development Aims

Aims of Child Development...

  • Make you aware your child is developing normally
  • Enables you to identify a child who for some reason, may not be following the normative stages
  • Enables you to build up a picture of your child's progress for a period of time
  • Enables you to look forward to respond to age-related behaviour which is an individual source of guidance in providing for your child's developmental needs
  • Helps you to consider the fact that your child is different in quite normal ways
  • Make you aware that your child follows the same sequence of growth and development as other children but the speed varies
  • Help you to be concerned about the developmental stages of your child, such as sitting up, crawling and walking
  • Help you understand what to expect of your child's development at each stage
  • Help you to provide the right environment to be safe, secure and age appropriate resources for your child
  • Help you meet the needs of your child and allow him to reach his full potential.

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