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The return to school, after the long summer break is usually greeted with relief, by parents and children alike. But with the return to school, comes a host of other worries, for the parent of an asthmatic or allergic child. How can you help your allergic child avoid a reaction to some of the very common allergens that they will encounter within school? You cannot protect your child from going out into the world, and enjoying a balanced and happy school life. Allergymatters put together a product range and advice on how to ensure that this school year will be a happy one for your allergic children.

Allergymatters Ltd is a leading supplier of steam cleaners and air purifiers to combat viruses such as swine flu, bird flu and bacteria such as MRSA. We also help our allergic customers to cope with dust mites, mould and other allergens. Our machines are used for deep cleaning of hospital wards, hotels, pubs, care homes, schools, universities and food factories.

Allergymatters is also a Unique allergy shop and learning centre dealing with air conditioning, steam cleaners, vacuums, dehumidifier, air, air purifier, air purifiers proved to destroy Swine flu virus, SAD, light therapy, anti ageing, rejuvenation allergy bedding, (MCS) Multiple Chemical Sensitivity products, and allergies like Hay fever, Eczema, Dust mite, Pet allergy, Psoriasis, Hives, and Asthma.

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