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Apple Crafts For Kids

Apple Crafts For Kids...

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is actually true since apple contain antioxidants that ward off free radicals or disease causing components (including cancer).

Apple Crafts For Kids

The point here is that it is best to let your kids know the importance of apples at an early age.

This is why learning about apple crafts is a great benefit.

Apple crafts for kids or crafts in general are great recreational and learning activities for kids.

It helps them discover a lot and studies show that what children learn during these early ages will stick with them in their lifetime.

This means that you should introduce positive lessons to them at this young age.

This includes apples and crafts - a great mix indeed!

Here are some apple craft for kids worth learningÂ…...

1. Apple Craft Cards

Why not let your kids express their love to you on special days or even ordinary days with loving apple craft cards?

Let them write these gift cards by just providing them templates.

Inspire them to decorate it with their heart's utmost desire.

2. Apple Pencil Holder

This one is great for your 5 year old or up. This uses paper mache and to form the body, one needs a balloon.

Layering strips of newspaper to the balloon creates a paper mache.

The dried newspaper forms the body of the apple. By then, your kid can decorate the apple.

Crack the tip of the apple and pop the balloon to make way for the pencil to be placed upon.

3. Apple Colour Painting

For the young ones like 2 years old, they can still join the fun by going through basic painting.

Give them outlines or even colouring books to guide them through their painting.

It may help to let them view a real apple while working so that they know what type of colour to use.

4. Fingerprint Apple Tree

This is fun and quirky apple craft for kids. This uses fingers stamped in paint to create an apple tree.

Various parts of the hand can be stamped in different colours, let us say index finger for green paint, while side of the hand for brown paint.

Kids can create as many trees as they like and this can be really exciting for them especially the young ones.

It can even lead to amazing results.

5. Johnny Appleseed Tissue Paper Roll Craft

Johnny Appleseed TP roll craft is a perfect apple craft for kids on this special occasion.

You will need a toilet paper roll, printer, glue, scissors, additional papers, and something to paint or colour.

You just have to print the templates and let your kids handle the rest. Although, you may want to assist them in forming the body using the TP roll.

You can introduce many apple crafts for kids out there.

Once again, it is good to let them discover things through crafts since it sticks to their head.

This does not only go for apples. You may want to introduce other fruits or even foods to them using crafts.

They will notice its value and at the same time make it easier for you to feed them.

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