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Authoritarian Parenting Style

Authoritarian Parenting Style...

As parents, we want our children to be the best they can be.

Authoritarian Parenting Style
We want them to achieve what we haven't achieved and see to it that they do not make the same mistakes we had made in the past.

Yes, we want nothing else but what is right for our children and we would do anything to mold them so they can be successful not only in class but also in their lives.

With the goal of bringing out the best of our children, we tend to be too demanding and don't respond to the needs and interests of our children.

We set strict rules, and punishment for us is just a form of discipline.

This form of parenting is called an authoritarian parenting or military parenting where we dictate to our children to obey without explanation.

This kind of parenting style can pose a negative effect to your child's growth and development.

2 Aspects of Parenting

  • Responsiveness - This includes parental nurturing and support.
  • Demanding Behaviour - Parents expects too much and demands high level of discipline and obedience with no question.
In authoritarian parenting, parents are very demanding and non-responsive. They do not express love and their affection towards their children is either limited or none at all.

Those who practice this kind of parenting are very concerned about status and very particular with discipline.

Their houses are properly maintained in a very orderly manner and everything must follow according to their rules.

Their decisions, values and judgments should not be questioned. A child should follow whatever their parents say whether they like it or not.

Effect On Children Under Authoritarian Parenting Style

As a result to this kind of parenting, your child will likely rebel because she might not take your strict and demanding behaviour anymore.

Your child will feel that you do not care about what she feels and want since authoritarian parents do not listen to their children.

They believe that they know better and explaining to their children is unnecessary.

Because there is no proper communication between you and your child, your child will become depressed because she cannot open up to you.

It is a fact that we can learn from our mistakes. But with authoritarian parenting style, a child has no room for mistakes, thus, her ability to grow is limited.

She will have a low self-esteem and self-confidence. Her sense of independence will not be properly developed since her parents are always the ones who will decide for her.

Her ability to think for herself is impaired.

Because punishment is confused with discipline, you may hurt your child too much. Spanking may lead to physical abuse which can psychologically affect your child.

Physical abuse can result in poor social skills, thus, your child will have difficulty making friends or relationships in the future.

Authoritarian parenting style can irreversibly harm your child's growth and development.

This is not a good parenting method and many professionals try to deter parents who practice this military-style parenting.

There should really be a connection between you and your child in a democratic manner.

You should love your childr by being understanding and nurturing. There's no such thing as bad parents, just bad parenting.

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