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Autism Symptom Checklist:
Signs And Symptoms

Autism Symptom Checklist article by Ann Watkinson...

autism symptom checklist
...Children suffering from Autism may not display all of the signs and symptoms in this Autism Symptoms Checklist, because they are all individuals.

However if you suspect your child is showing any signs of Autism you should seek medical advice.

Early signs of autism are usually diagnosed when your child is three years of age.

However early signs can be detected.

There is a great deal of research taking place at the moment into trying to diagnose Autism earlier in a child's development.

The earlier signs of Autism are detected the sooner they can be treated.


  • Can I have eye to eye contact with my child. Most children with autism do not have eye to eye contact and tend to stare fixedly at one object.
  • Is my child interested in things around. A child with autism does not point at things or try to bring things to the attention of his/her parents.
  • Is my child deaf. Quite often these children will ignore people around and will not respond to their name .Thus giving the impression they are deaf.
  • Can my child communicate as well as other children the same age. An autistic child can have little or no verbal skills and does not try to overcome this by using mime or pointing at things.
  • Why does my child never smile. The autistic child does not smile or react to someone who smiles at them.
  • Why does my child scream for no reason. Another common sign of autism is when your child has wild tantrums for no apparent reason.
  • My child has no friends. There is little or no interaction with autism. The autistic child prefers to play alone.

There are many different signs and symptoms for autism. The above Autism Symptoms checklist is only a guide. Other signs and symptoms to look for are destructiveness, impulsive behaviour, mood swings, lack of attention, restlessness, hyperactivity and forgetfulness.

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