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Baby Nursery Decor

Baby Nursery Decor...

Getting the amazing news that you'll be having a baby is one of life's most precious blessings.

Prospective parents settle into the good news and begin to ponder some of the many choices they will have to make in the near future.
Baby Nursery Decor

One of these many choices is nursery decoration.

Creating the perfect baby nursery decor sets the mood for many wonderful hours spent there by both the baby and parents.

Things to take into consideration are themes for nursery bedding, baby furniture, wall art, window treatments and other accessories to complete your baby's room with success.

It's important to think about your theme. What mood will you try to project? Will it be soft, warm and soothing or bright, vibrant and stimulating for the most appropriate baby nursery decor?

Will the decor be girl-focused, boy-focused or gender neutral?

Baby-nursery decor that can grow with your child is the best approach to take when planning your nursery decoration scheme.

Once your newborn arrives, you'll have little time to change outdated decor, so it's best to use timeless classics to create a fun and exciting environment for your little one.

With the incredible variety of nursery decoration choices available, it can be hard to make a final decision on your baby nursery decor.

The most effective way to "shorten the list" of baby nursery decoration options is to consider your own style preferences and personal interests.

Think about the things which were fun and memorable for you while you where growing up, or maybe look to the styles of today for something new and inspiring.

However, before making any decisions, always remember that your baby-nursery decor has to be enjoyable and functional for you and your baby.

The goal with any baby nursery decor is to create a special place for you and your baby since you will be spending the most time here and much of the bonding will occur in your baby's room.

So the nursery decoration style you select should have an inviting and pleasant feel to it.

Here are a few baby-nursery decoration classics that will be enjoyed by your baby for years to come...

When it comes to choosing room themes, think of the timeless classics that you grew up with, such as Winnie the Pooh, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Noah's Ark, Paddington Bear, Dr. Seuss and Curious George, and use them as inspiration for your baby-nursery decor.

You can also go with timeless styles, like Victorian, country, or whimsical.

Because these themes are enjoyable and appropriate for your child up to the first year of school, you won't have any need of reworking the colour scheme for some time.

A room theme can also help you establish a colour scheme and plan out accessories and accents for additional nursery decoration components.

Baby nursery decoration items, like furnishings, wall decor and knick knacks, can help complement the nursery, but you want to be careful not to overdo them and make the room appear overwhelming and cluttered.

When planning out your baby-nursery decor, it's not necessary to fill every corner of the room with something. As with artistic creation, white or empty space is good.

One way to easily complement the theme of the room is to select daily must-haves as your themed baby nursery decoration.

For example, coordinate bedding, changing table accessories, floor coverings and window treatments with your theme.

Add in classic, theme-related toys and timeless furniture pieces, like a rocking chair. These items can be updated or replaced as your baby grows.

To assist you with making your baby-nursery decoration choices, here are five points to stimulate your ongoing creativity...

1. Start with the Crib
Since this is the focal point in the room, select your crib design first and then the style of the room will be defined for you.

Whether you select a modern, classic, Victorian, or whimsical crib style, the design will establish the rest of your baby-nursery decor.

A changing table, dresser and other furniture pieces should be selected to match the style.

2. Add Colour
The colour scheme of the room should reflect the style of your furniture. But to stimulate your baby's eyes and brain, incorporate bold colours and patterns into your nursery decoration.

Utilize the primary colours, as well as shades of them for a complementing and contrasting colour scheme.

Add a colourful design to the ceiling as well for an interesting look.

3. Include Some Character
Adding colourful characters bring a baby-nursery decor to life. You can either use a stencil to paint in themed or storybook characters, affix a decal or mural to the wall, or hang a poster or wall hanging.

Some popular characters are from nursery rhymes, books, or television shows. Among them are classics like Raggedy Ann and Andy, Noah's Ark and Mother Goose.

4. Accessory
Accessories are where you can really emphasize your baby nursery decoration look. For easy care, choose accessories that are washable, unbreakable and baby proof.

There are numerous unique designs for nursery decoration pieces like photo frames, decorative baskets, shelving and toy boxes.

5. Incorporate the Essentials
You will find that your baby nursery decoration items will change as your baby progresses from infancy to early school age.

During the newborn stages, the room should include essential furnishings for you, such as a glider, ottoman, or rocking chair, which are ideal comfort items for feeding and rocking.

As your baby grows older, you can remove these furnishings and replace them with age appropriate essentials.

As you set up your nursery, you're establishing an area for attentive nurturing and growth.

The special touches you add foster an environment where your baby will encounter new and magical things that excite the senses and create a happy and secure child.

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