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Bad Parenting:
What You Need To Know

Bad Parenting...

When your child is growing up, her personality depends on how she is brought up by you.

Bad Parenting
Your child's personality starts to develop at a very early age so it is very essential that you take notice of your parenting skills.

Of course, the personality of your child is not the only issue.

You must also consider the health, education and other basic needs of your child.

Some parents may ask themselves, "Am I a good parent?"

Well, there's no such thing as bad parents but there are just some who practice bad parenting.

How you raise your child is very important since you are her first teacher. If you take care of her and give her, her needs, she will grow to be a good and successful person.

Abandoning Or Neglecting Your Child

Abandonment and neglect are the most common issues of bad parenting.

Your child has basic needs and not providing them can be a form of abandonment or neglect.

Here are some of the needs of children that you should be aware of...

  • Nutrition and shelter: The moment your child is born, it is your responsibility that you give her milk/food, clothes, and shelter.

    You should provide her physiological needs because they are her basic needs.

  • Education: Children are always full of curiosity. That's why children play all the time such as picking up things that are new to them.

    They are trying to feed their curiosity about their environment and that is how they learn.

    For proper and systematic education, it is your responsibility to send your child to school.

  • Interaction: Before your child even learns to speak, she communicates with you through her gestures such as raising her arms when she wants to be carried, or crying aloud if she is hungry or uncomfortable.

    It is important that you pay attention to these gestures.

  • Spiritual intervention: Aside from parents, children can also learn values and discipline spiritually by attending a bible study or go to a church.
  • Love: It is the number one thing that you should give to your child. She will feel that she is loved when you provide her with all her needs.

    It is also important that you are always there when she needs you. So you should really spend time with your child.

Verbal And Physical Abuse

These forms of abuse greatly attack the psychological aspects of your child.

You should be careful on what words to use in front of your child especially when you are angry, and what actions to take when your child makes a mistake.

Children who are victims of these abuses usually have low self-esteem and confidence, and are afraid to face the outside world.

Some children may become rebellious when they are abused. There are other ways of disciplining your children without hurting them.

Humans as we are, we parents are not perfect. There may be times when we don't realize that we already practice bad and awful parenting methods.

So it is important that you assess yourself if you are on the right path of raising your child.

If you need more guidance, there are many parenting books you could read and you can always search the internet for good parenting tips and advice.

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