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Child Development 6 Years:
Stages Of Development Of Your 6 Year Old Child

Child development 6 years...

Child development 6 years

...By the age of six, your child is friendly, trusting and cooperative towards adults.

He is very curious and is beginning to develop his own interests. He starts to read and write on his own, put his words and ideas on paper and forms new concepts of weight, distance and size.

He grows steadily and begin to lose his milk teeth at about this time and this excites him because it's a sign that he's growing.

His Physical Development

Your child's physical development includes gross and fine manipulative skills. His gross manipulative skills concerns his single limb action, most often of the arm…for example… throwing, catching and making sweeping arm actions.

His fine manipulative skills is the exact actions of his hands and fingers…for example… painting, drawing, using a knife and fork, writing and doing up shoe laces.

Child development
 6 years
Child development 
6 years
Child development 6 years
Child development 
6 years

His Gross Manipulative Skills

At 6 years old, he...
  • Is able to jump off from an equipment for a particular purpose with confidence
  • Can ride a two-wheeled bicycle usually with stabilisers at first
  • Hops easily with good balance
  • Is able to run and jump, kicks football up to 6m (9 feet) away.

His Fine Manipulative Skills


  • Can write his last name
  • Is able to build a tower of cubes that is almost straight
  • Is able to hold a pencil like an adult when writing
  • Can write a number of letters of similar arrangement according to size.

His Cognitive And Language Development

Cognitive is the development of his mind. The part of the brain that he uses for recognising, reasoning, knowing and understanding.

His language development is the development of his communication skills and the ability of him speaking intelligently.


  • Is able to distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy but most of the times he's often frightened of supernatural characters in books or on the television
  • Begins to develop concepts of quantity such as length, weight, capacity, volume, time, area, measurement etc.
  • Begins to think in a co-ordinated way holding more than one point of view at a time
  • Alternates between wanting stories read to him and reading books himself
  • Can remember and repeat nursery rhymes and songs
  • Is able to pronounce greater number of sounds of his own language
  • Is able to express his ideas with ease and self-assurance
  • Draws people in detail
  • Talks fluently and with confidence.

His Emotional And Social Development


  • Compares himself with other children
  • Can hold a conversation, taking turns in speaking and listening
  • Chooses friends because of his interests and personality
  • Carries out simple tasks, such as tidying, peeling vegetables, and watering plants.

His Play Development


  • Behaves carelessly in company with his peers
  • Assigns roles to others in expanding upon pretend and role-play
  • Role plays characters in various states of affairs.

Best Way Of Promoting His Overall Development

  • Talk to him about the various activities he had done during the day
  • Provide him with an opportunity for physical play
  • Encourage him to write by providing him with examples of things written for different purposes like recipes, shopping lists etc.
  • Have time to play memory games with him
  • Create a supporting atmosphere during story time at home with plenty of talk about the story you are reading
  • Allow him to try out a new activity or sport like football or dancing.

Keeping Him Safe

  • Tell him never to accept anything from a stranger
  • Let him know to never cross a road without an adult
  • Never let him go anywhere with a stranger.

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