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Child Development
Home Activities

Child development home activities are activities that help your child explore the world and his relationship with it, release his energy, stimulate his appetite, digestion and circulation, promote sleep and gives resistance to infection.

Child development home activities

Through home activities he learns and develops as an individual.

You can provide an appropriate physical environment, by enhancing opportunities for him to play creatively so that he can develop through his play.

Child Development Home Activities Suggestions...

Provide Books

  • Books should always be readily available to him and most importantly you must be there to read it when necessary.
  • Provide simple understandable books that reflects a multi-cultural society but greater care must be taken to avoid stereotyping when choosing books.
  • Read books to him that reflects the whole of society.
  • Read a book without pictures and ask him to draw some scenes from his imagination and then allow him to draw in the book.

Outside The Home Activities

  • Allow him to play outside the home as this releases energy, stimulates appetite, digestion and circulation, promotes sleep and gives resistance to infection. This promotes a healthy skin and develops his muscle, balance and control.
  • Allow him to play in the garden as it provides a stimulus for all the senses and it’s an opportunity for a range of imaginary play experiences. Do not forget to dress him according to the weather.
  • Go shopping and buy some seeds with him. Choose different methods on which to grow the seeds, for example, sand, cotton, earth, cardboard etc. and let him measure and record the plant that grows fastest and looks healthiest.

Children home activities

Provide Bricks, Blocks and Construction Sets

  • A bag of bricks is an important piece of equipment that you can give your child. Building with bricks is a first-hand experience of three-dimensional objects and spatial relationships which encourages creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Blocks can be hard and made out of wood or plastic, or it can be soft like rubber, foam or cotton and they can be brightly coloured.
  • Encourage him to play on his own, building a tower of bricks, and enjoying knocking them down again which leads on to other skills.
  • It’s a good idea to allow your child model with clay. When he is using clay to model, ask him what he might like to make. Ideas should come from him as this encourages creative thinking. Allow the clay to dry...and... when it’s finished...let him paint it.

Provide Puzzle And Simple Games

Child Development Home Activities
  • Jigsaw puzzles create an excellent link with the home, as your child will feel relaxed and safe.
  • Allowing your child to do jigsaw puzzles will help him find similarities and differences. This is a valuable early reading activity.

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