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Benefits Of Child Development Play: Why Playing With Your Child Is Important

Child development play brings together ideas and creativity, relationships, physical co-ordination, feelings and helps your child to use what he knows and understand about the world and the people around him.

Child development play

During play, he...

  • Get things under control so that he can face the world and deal with it
  • Get ready for the future ahead
  • Thinks about things that have happened to him in the past.

Why Play Is Important To Your Developing Child

Child development play is a very important part of your child growing up. Play helps him...

  • Have a sense of well being and good self-esteem
  • Deal with tragedies and setbacks
  • Have a sense of control
  • Make good relationships with you and his peers
  • Understand and care about others
  • Be creative and imaginative, think and have ideas, develop concentration
  • Be physically co-ordinated.

Your child want you to be involved in his play. There must be a concerted effort on your part to set aside time to play with him.

You need to learn how to play with him though some play may be silly. These are the reasons for the importance of your child’s play.

Play is a very important part of your child’s life. When playing, his brain is at work. His brain is progressively influenced by the environment, on what he’s being exposed to which thus will have a long term impact on him.

When you play regularly with him you impart your family values and influence his behaviour and attitude at home and at school.

As soon as he enters this world he's primed to learn. You will see this very distinctively when observing his imitation and learning process in his early years. His mind is like empty memory cache; whatever you feed to his mind will be stored in his memory.

It is important you provide the stimulation he needs. Toys you provide him serve as an attraction and stimulants for him to develop through his play during his early stages.

Play with him in an entertaining way that is more fun to help him learn. Playing with him should be fun for you both. A simple play can be swinging him from right to left like a swing or stacking blocks of wooden bricks together.

Playing with him contributes to his physical, emotional and intellectual development.

Through play he learns to communicate with you and others, count and solve problems. He also learns to respect you and get on with others like his peers, siblings, teachers which is especially important for his social development.

Play also provides an invaluable window to his personality. By observing how he plays, you can learn how he reacts to obstacles, victory and failures.

The manner of playing with him will provide you with insights of his emotions, aptitudes and preferred learning styles.

Responding to instructions through visual images, hands-on and boldness to try something unknown can be checked. Use words of encouragement and praises to motivate him during play and always use positive words.

Playing with him also serves as a bonding process. The eagerness to be involved with you in his play is very obvious when he is younger.

You need to spend time to focus on playing with him instead of trying to multi-task on mundane chores. He will detect your willingness and enthusiasm easily, so do not create negativity or no response to his request.

Bonding through play needs consistent efforts. The results of such are a special closeness between you and him as he grows.

Thus, play is a very essential and important part of your child's life. Playing helps him to develop physically, emotionally, mentally and also creates bonding between the two of you.

It is through child development play that his aptitude and personality can be fully explored. Through play, his social skills are also developed to help him be aware of other people around him and learn how to respect them.

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