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Child Language Development:
What To Expect From
Birth To 3 Years

Child language development...

Child language development

If you expect that your child will improve on his language very fast, it is not always that realistic.

There are certain language development stages through which your child passes.

It is good on your part to have some fair amount of idea regarding child language development process.

Knowledge about this process does not necessarily mean that you will find your child going exactly through each of the phases.

However, it will help you to know how much about the entire mechanism of language development that you can expect from your child at a certain age.

In case you notice that your child is not reaching the minimum level of development, take him to any specialised child’s physician.

Here, we are talking about your child's language development process from his birth to about thirty six months (3 years).

Within the first 6 months, he can respond to his name. He turns his head and eyes to give a response to your voice and can understand the tone of your voice also. He can differentiate between an angry tone and a friendly tone.

In the first 12 months he can understand your simple instructions. He uses one or more words by this age and most of them are the fragments of words.

At the age of 18 months, he enriches his vocabulary with nearly five to twenty words and repeats the small words that he has learnt. His vocabulary is basically full of small words and these words are mostly nouns.

At the age of 24 months, you can say that your child’s language development process is in a better position. At this age, he can name things he notices regularly in his surroundings.

He can name the common objects and the numbers easily. He can use small sentences but the sentences are mainly combined with nouns and verbs. His vocabulary reaches approximately 150 to 250 words by this age. At this age, however, he has no strong control over the pitch and volume of his voice.

He can use few pronouns correctly like 'I', 'you', etc. He recgnises his own body parts in the fashion the parent has taught. He can follow your instructions if you ask him to show his body parts such as the mouth, nose, hair, eyes, etc.

When your child reaches the age of 36 months (3 years), child language development process reaches a certain level. He can construct three-word sentences quite easily. He can understand the meaning of being sleepy, hungry, thirsty etc. and he can imitate such actions if you ask him to do that.

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