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Tips For Buying Safe And
Quality Childcare Toys

Childcare toys

Buy childcare toys that are safe for your kid. There are innumerable ways for him to get hurt when he's away from your watchful eyes.

  • Know your child. If your child sticks everything in his or her mouth, you have to be even more vigilant with small toys at home and while out of the house.
  • Double check toys before they are bought to ascertain whether they are hazard proof.
  • Read labels carefully before purchasing and follow the age limits and safety regulations mentioned on them.
  • Look for toys that are well built and have well secured parts like wheels, flags, etc. There is a risk of your child swallowing the smaller parts if they are not secured well.
  • Avoid purchasing electric toys -- these tend to generate heat.
  • Avoid buying puzzles that have a small magnetic base as it may fall out.
  • Avoid soft toys with button-sized eyes and nose, as they are prone to come loose when pulled by your child.

Toys You Should Be Wary Of

  • Toys with small parts -- These can prove to be fatal to your child who tend to swallow anything he can get hold of.
  • Toys with sharp edges or parts that wear away and produce a sharp edge -- Handling these toys may injure your child.
  • Toys that are inflatable -- Such toys can burst and pieces of rubber may pose fatal choking hazards.

It is always better to consider your options before you purchase any toy for your child.

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