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Cognitive Child Development Four Years: Intellectual Development Of Your Four Year Old Child

Cognitive Child Development Four Years...

Cognitive Child Development Four Years
At four years, your child's quite efficient and has the knowledge to do things well.

He's filled with great fear by reason and act on, and his increasing command of language reminds him to ask questions about the way things are done in the world.


  • Takes joy in counting up to twenty by memory, and realize the general idea of number up to three
  • Is able to sort objects in groups.
  • Has developed memory skills, for instance, he is able to recall a special event, such as when his grandparents came some months ago.
  • Is able to give reasons and find answers to problems.
  • Puts in much information in his drawings, such as joining hands and fingers to drawings of people.
  • Mostly mixes up event with make up story.
  • Is able to say nursery rhymes and songs, with few mistakes.
  • Performs in puppet shows and scenes he has seen on television.
  • Becomes more friendly and talkative in role-play games with others.
  • Takes joy in role-play, which helps him to deal successfully with strong feelings.

Increasing His Development

  • Make available art and craft materials for painting, gluing and sticking activities.
  • Inspire him with confidence to play with sand and water, dough or modelling clay.
  • Take him to the library with you and read books together.
  • Make visible of children's paintings on sides of the house... this gives him an emotional sense of calm and self-respect in his work.
  • Show him to dress and undress himself in getting ready for school game lessons.
  • Inspire him with confidence to feel free when going to the toilet.
  • Make arrangements to go to parks with him... this inspires him to draw what he has seen.
  • Make available a box of dressing-up clothes for role-play.
  • Do not rush to assist him when he's finding an activity difficult, instead allow him time to gain new skills, offering him praise and inspiration.

Keeping Him Safe

  • Do not allow him to play with sticks, sharp objects or run with a pencil or lolly stick in his mouth.
  • Teach him about road safety by setting a good example.

Fun Activity For Him

Your four year old child takes joy growing his own plants and be the first to find out how to be concerned for them.

Gather some empty eggshells and ask him to draw faces on the shells.

Cut a cardboard egg carton into individual pockets. Allow him to put his eggshells in the pockets.

Pack the shell plentifully with cotton wool and soak it with water before putting seeds on top.

Water the cotton wool normally and be ready for the "green hair" to sprout. This should only take two to three days maximum.

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