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Cognitive Child Development Nine Months: Intellectual Development Of Your Nine Month Old Child

Cognitive Child Development Nine Months...

Cognitive Child Development Nine Months
Your nine month old child realises his daily routine and likes to copy your speech and gestures.


  • Is able to judge the size of an object up to 2 feet (60cm) from a place.
  • Looks in the correct course for fallen toys.
  • Looks after a toy being hidden and then direct his eyes to it. This proves that he knows that an object can be real even when it is no longer in sight (object permanence).
  • Identifies familiar pictures.
  • Plays alone for more periods of time.
  • Takes joy in making noises by banging toys.
  • Prefers to play with empty cardboard boxes.

Increasing His Development

  • Permit him plenty of time for play.
  • Make available bath toys... for example... beakers, sponges and funnels.
  • Inspire him with confidence of self-feeding and tolerate messes.
  • Talk continuously to him and carry on with rhymes and action songs.

Keeping Him Safe

  • At all times check his eating and drinking.
  • Never allow anyone to feed him with finger foods such as bananas and carrots.
  • Use a locked cupboard for safe keeping of dangerous household chemicals for example bleach, disinfectant and white spirit.

Activities For Him

  • He should have the means of a good choice of picture books, many of which can be handled alone, and a stock of nursery rhymes and action rhymes.
  • Posting boxes and like toys inspire confidence in hand-eye co-ordination, memory and concentration.
  • Provide bath toys as he acquires a great deal of pleasure and gains skills from them, where early concept of floating, sinking, volume and capacity opportunity are gained.
  • Provide set of tools, for instance telephones, brooms and tea sets to inspire confidence in role play.

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