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Cognitive Child Development Six Months: Intellectual Development Of Your Six Month Old Child

Cognitive Child Development Six Months...

Cognitive Child Development Six Months
By six months your child's competent to reach for and grab things with both hands.

He stretches his exploration by using his hands to touch, stroke and pat. Most toys are moved to the mouth.

He carries on finding other people attractive, but is cautious of strangers.


  • Realises the meaning of words such as 'bye-bye', 'mama' or 'dada'.
  • Realise objects and feel what to be in store for him… when given a tin that makes a noise, for instance, he will test it for other surprising manner of behaving.
  • Makes some realising of the emotional state of your voice.
  • Makes a sharp and high pitched sound.
  • Takes joy in playing with stacking beakers and bricks.
  • Enjoys very much to investigate objects with both hands and mouth.

Increasing His Development

  • Inspire him with confidence and balance by putting toys around him when sitting.
  • Make available of toys that he may safely move to his mouth.
  • Permit plenty of time for play.
  • Sing him nursery rhymes with actions.

Keeping Him Safe

  • Make sure all furniture is firmly fixed and has fine corners.
  • Supervise him at all times during play.

Activity For Him

  • Clap your hands in time to the rhythm of a song and inspire him to clap along with you.

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