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Cognitive Child Development Six Years: Intellectual Development Of Your Six Year Old Child

Cognitive Child Development Six Years...

Cognitive Child Development Six Years
At six years your child...

  • Starts to behave in a much co-ordinated way, and can hold his purpose of thinking in a particular way.
  • Starts to grow general ideas of quantity, length, measurement, distance, area, time, volume, capacity and weight.
  • Recognises disagreement between reality and fantasy, but is frequently still terrified by supernatural symbols in books, on the television etc.
  • Is interested in basic scientific principles and is starting to know, for instance, what occurs to daily physical things if they are soaked or heated
  • Draws people in detail, grouping for instance eye brows and eye lashes, and buttons and laces on clothes.
  • Behaves carelessly in company with other children… co-operative play.
  • Assigns roles to others in expanding upon pretend play and role-play.
  • Role-plays characters in various state of affairs of which he has no direct experience but which might occur to him one day, so much as understanding of uniting closely, or travelling through space to the moon… fantasy play.

Increasing His Development

  • You should play memory games with him such as dominoes.
  • Inspire him with confidence to arrange and match physical things, for example, let him arrange two or more things in a successive order.
  • Make an affectionate emotional atmosphere during story times at home, with more expression of ideas about the story you are looking at and saying aloud.

Keeping Him Safe

You should give him easy to see or hear guidelines concerning safety, for instance he should never...

  • Climb a tree without first asking your permission.
  • Cross a road without going along with an adult.
  • Receive unwillingly anything offered by an unknown person.
  • Go anywhere with an unknown person.

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