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Cognitive Child Development Three Months: Intellectual Development Of Your Three Month Old Child

Cognitive Child Development Three Months...

Cognitive Child Development Three Months
..By the third month, your child shows more interest in playthings and answers to common state of affairs of aroused actions, smiles and a variety of vocalisations such as cries, cooing sounds and chuckles.


  • Takes an interest in his environment.
  • Laughs and vocalises with increasing tone.
  • Takes an increasing interest in playthings.
  • Cries loudly when showing an emotional need.

Increasing His Development

  • Use a practical infant chair so that he can look closely at what you are doing during an activity.
  • Arrange toys on a blanket or play mat on the floor and let him lie on his tummy and play with the toys for short periods of time.
  • Connect objects above his cot which makes a noise when he touches it.
  • Make it a habit to sing him nursery rhymes.
  • Encourage contact with other children and adults.

Keeping Him Safe

  • At all times protect him from exposure to sunlight
  • Use a special sun-protection cream, a sun hat to protect his neck and face, and a pram canopy when he's out with you during the summer.
  • Never leave small objects within his reach as he explores everything in his mouth.
  • Always check for an appropriate safety symbol when buying toys for him.

Activity For Him

Design and make a simple game that will encourage his sensory development... for example... an activity mat, sound lotto, a 'feely' bag or a game of matching smells.

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