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Cognitive Child Development Three Years: Intellectual Development Of Your Three Year Old Child

Cognitive Child Development Three Years...

Cognitive Child Development Three Years
Your three year old child shows that he has an inner world of thinking and he is also able to express ideas about this.

His drawings and paintings are starting to resemble portrait of people and things.

He now plays with other children more willingly than only near them and is establishing his first friends.


  • Is able to match two or three primary colours, normally red and yellow, but sometimes mix up blue and green colours.
  • Starts to realise the general idea of time... retaining events in the past and able to look forward to events in the future.
  • Is filled with great fear by reason and change and mostly ask 'Why?'
  • Is able to group objects into plain groups.
  • Retains and say songs and nursery rhymes.
  • Realises the general idea of 'one' and 'lots'.
  • Counts by memory up to ten.

Increasing His Development

  • Provide enough space and playthings... balls for throwing and catching, sand, jigsaw puzzles etc.
  • Inspire him with confidence to play with other children.
  • Provide opportunities for art and craft activities -- thick crayons, stubby paint brushes, paper, paint and dough for modelling or play cooking.
  • Make available of toys for water play in the bath or paddling pool.
  • Increase separation by telling him how to take care of and put away his own clothes and toys.
  • Let him assist you to cook -- you could make some biscuits.
  • Play easy to understand matching and sorting games with him, such as lotto.

Keeping Him Safe

  • Do not let him handle hot liquids during cooking activities and wipe up any spills immediately.

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