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Cognitive Child Development Twelve Months: Intellectual Development Of Your Twelve Month Old Child

Cognitive Child Development Twelve Months...

Cognitive Child Development Twelve Months

At twelve months, your child is usually still shy with strangers. Frequently he has a most liked object such as a teddy or a cloth.

He’s growing at his own sense of individuality.


  • Investigates objects with mouth less frequently.
  • Hand toys to adults when demanded and start to treat toys in a suitable way, for example, cuddle a teddy but exploit with hair brush.
  • Takes joy in sounds and will attempt at something new with toys that make a noise.
  • Copies others around him a lot.
  • Enjoys playing with bricks and with containers... putting in and taking out of toys.
  • Takes joy looking at pictures.

Increasing His Development

  • Make available stacking toys and bricks.
  • Provide an interesting, varied environment which consists of pictures, music, books and food, all of which stimulate his senses.
  • Take him to a mother-and-toddler group or a play group to get used to others unfamiliar to him.

Keeping Him Safe

  • As he's able to move, be vigilant at all times. This is a very high-risk age for accidents.
  • Use safety equipment such as catches for cupboards and stair gates, preferably at the top and bottom of stairs.
  • Check safety signs shown on his toys.

Activities For Him

  • Select toys that will stimulate his senses of touch, hearing and sight.
  • Provide him with pull-along toys.

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