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Cognitive Child Development Two Years: Intellectual Development Of Your Two Year Old Child

Cognitive Child Development Two Years...

Cognitive Child Development Two Years
By two years, your child is eager to learn and becomes an active explorer of his own surrounding.

He might show strong emotions in 'temper tantrums' or bursting into tears.


  • Is starting to realize the importance of others, for instance, when something fall over or breaks.
  • Makes available of comfort when other babies cry.
  • Wishes to share songs, conversations and finger-rhymes more and more.
  • Participates in more prolonged role-play, such as driving an imaginary car.
  • Frequently plays alone... 'solitary play'... or look closely at other children playing... 'spectator play'.
  • May play alongside other children but not with them... 'parallel play'.
  • Takes joy in playing symbolically, causing one thing to remain unchanged for another... 'pretend play'.

Increasing His Development

  • Inspire him with confidence to develop an interest in the natural world, including plant and wildlife.
  • Make available opportunities for messy play with water and paints.

  • Make available of picture books, crayons and paper.
  • Be more friendly with him about toilet training.
  • Inspire him with confidence to show his feelings, for example, frustration can be shown by striking repeatedly and hitting a play dough.
  • Provide resources for imaginative play, including hats and clothes for dressing up.

Keeping Him Safe

  • Never allow him to be without anyone when playing with water or outdoor play equipment.
  • Ensure that any likely hiding places in your home or garden such as cupboards and sheds cannot be locked from the inside.

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