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Creative Crafts for Kids

Creative Crafts for Kids...

A young mind is an ocean of thoughts and fantasies. Your kid's mind is an endless source of imagination.

Creative Crafts for Kids

It is very important to help kids express themselves.

Kids creative crafts help them to challenge their mind and imagination.

Day-to-day activities and natural materials can be used for creating a fun filled activity for kids.

Even objects like broken DVDs can be something of a treasure to kids.

Creativity, just like any other skill, can be developed.

All it needs is a lot of practice and exposure.

Thus, kids should be exposed to creative crafts and activities at an early age.

As often as possible, kids should be encouraged to work on craft projects. It can also help build their sense of initiative.

Here are some creative crafts your kids can enjoy...

1. Glowing Swimming Pool

Put a glow stick in a balloon and make pool lanterns. It'd be a great way to teach your kids about colours while keeping them amazed with the glowing balloons.

Buy balloons and glow sticks of different colours and by using the colour charts impress your kids by creating different colours, combine different colours in balloon and glow stick to create a different colour, while explaining to kids about primary and secondary colours.

2. Giant Games

Playing board games was never this fun. Buy normal size board games and let your kids choose their favourite one.

Using material such as tarpaulin, paint etc. makes super size board games for extra fun.

Game like Jenga can easily be made into big sizes using wooden logs.

Games like snake and ladders can be prepared by painting any desired size of tarpaulin white and letting kids make their own designs of snakes and ladders.

Similarly a big dice can be used using a perfect square block of wood.

3. The Mystery

Kids love a good mystery; encourage kids in designing their own mazes and puzzles.

Rather than watching television all day long or reading comics, try to get your kids involved in outdoor activities such as treasure hunts.

Try to get the name of the favourite book or television show and design a whole activity day and treasure hunt based on hints from that show.

Activities like these show kids how outdoors can be equally interesting. Material like stones, balls and cardboard boxes can be used to make mazes.

Cut cardboard into the shape of a small cabinet and use the discarded sides to make slides in the box and using a ball make it into a sliding maze.

4. Waste Not Initiative

From a very young age kids can be shown the importance of recycling and not wasting things.

Using creative crafts for kids is one of the ways by which kids can be exposed to recycling and creative ways to use waste material.

Start by collecting any unused stuff in the house for e.g. a damaged DVD, a paper plate and broken toys or cutlery.

Paste the paper plate with the DVD and using threads and pins cutlery can be attached with the paper plate as a wind chime.

Creative crafts for kids are a very important way to help vent out kid's creative thinking.

Activities like these promote recycling and the habit of not wasting from a very young age.

A creative mind is a healthy mind. Never shut down your child's ideas and suggestions.

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